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    Looking to grab a 445 5w

    Most members would recommend JetLasers and Sanwu. There are also excellent builders on the forum.
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    Try to ask here

    Ah yes, doing things just because I can... Regardless of legality, things that attract public scrutiny wouldn't be good. Regardless of what happens to you, it has the potential to affect everyone else. It's not hard to see why everyone treats you not so warmly. Asking the same/similar question...
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    Sanwu guardian host and diode configuration (green laser)

    Glad to help! The 1.6 watt 525nm is a new diode and it's not decanned, so if you really want 525nm it may be the better option to go to. (I imagine it'll be insanely bright!)
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    Sanwu guardian host and diode configuration (green laser)

    I spent quite some time contemplating before purchasing, so here we go. Sanwu's "white copper" I assume means cupronickel alloy. It should be a similar material to the Nickel (5c coin). When new, copper nickel and stainless steel look very similar. Stainless steel wouldn't discolor much over...
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    Model 960 Not turning On

    Did the seller mention the battery orientation?
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    rare diodes with special green/blue wavelength

    I wish I have the budget for that...
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    Has anyone tried this laser

    There are a few members who got Lasence modules. I've got one myself and the purchasing experience had been good. Do note that alibaba is a marketplace like eBay though -- there are both good sellers and bad sellers. I vouch that Lasence is good. Oh, and did I mention that they are developing...
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    The spam

    Did we just get another wave of spammers? I got the exact same PM with exact same contents
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    Best laser for UFO watch?

    Please, seriously read some basic laser safety information. "Violet laser is better", better in doing what? Any laser with equal power rating are equally harmful. The dim violet blurry dot of a 1W 405nm laser packs as much energy as the dot of a blindingly bright 1W 520nm laser.
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    Green laser pointer for full moon nights

    Green lasers other than 532nm are usually direct diode lasers -- they don't emit IR at all. As other members have mentioned: Sanwu Laser, JetLasers, laserlands (ebay)
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    Yellow Lightsabers

    I think that's due to technical practicality and philosophical considerations. Back in the 70's, they were using conventional films, and IIRC the way they did lightsabers was to use some sticks during filming then sort of overlay the special effects manually to the physical film later...
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    559nm Build in Vintage Flashlight

    That's a really cool host! Also, thanks for noting that the diode is case positive.
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    My first build, 559nm DPSS in custom sci-fi inspired host

    My build wasn't meant for practicality though. Most builds are much more practical and rugged. It's the 561nm (actually 559nm), but it looks green on my camera.