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    Battery Powered Labby, Mark II

    There is a decent amount of material thickness on the threaded part so you may have some luck re-threading it. If I were to try this I think I'd turn down a rod to exactly match the inside diameter before trying to turn down the barrel to the right diameter for an 11mm thread. That will...
  2. brianpe

    Battery Powered Labby, Mark II

    The 8Ah battery is an RC car battery I bought off Amazon. I've updated a post to include a link. Also, thanks for pointing out my lack of electronics description. I spent a lot of time and money on the electronics part and didn't want to get too wrapped up in it. But since there's...
  3. brianpe

    Battery Powered Labby, Mark II

    I will remember that!
  4. Schematic


    Schematic of the control electronics.
  5. Small Chip

    Small Chip

    My first Lipo charger proved too much for me to solder correctly. Tiny pins, all under the chip, made for lots of bridges and a dead chip.
  6. brianpe

    Battery Powered Labby, Mark II

    A while ago I built a battery powered lab laser (Battery Powered Labby). It was a fun project but beam quality wasn't that good and I there were some changes I wanted to make to the control electronics. Meet Labby 2: Changes from Labby 1: Extra 2X cylindrical lens mounted back to back with...
  7. Battery Powered Lab Laser V2

    Battery Powered Lab Laser V2

    A refinement of my dual NUBM44 benchtop laser.
  8. Charging


    There's a built-in LiPo charger. Charging is happening when the light is blue.
  9. Beam Shot with Expander

    Beam Shot with Expander

    The aperture is threaded to accept a SanWu 3x beam expander (which uses a 11.4mm x.5 thread....that exists NOWHERE).
  10. Beam Shot

    Beam Shot

    Targeting an unhappy cardboard box. Divergence with the new optics is great. This punched a pretty neat .25" square hole in the box.
  11. Test Firing

    Test Firing

    Test firing @ 4% power. Just at the threshold of lasing.
  12. Ready to Go

    Ready to Go

    Rotary encoder selects power with nice detents. The switch on the right toggles both up and down: press down for momentary fire, up to latch. Dual bar graphs monitor diode temperature. Too hot and the latch releases and the light will blink red.
  13. Control Board

    Control Board

    My first surface mount project. Integrated LiPo charger and dual temp monitoring.
  14. Solder Prep

    Solder Prep

    The internet is full of great tips, like sticking all your parts down with double stick tape and marking what they are.
  15. Solder Mask

    Solder Mask

    JLCPCB is the cheapest place I've found to make boards, and they even offer these laser cut solder masks. Makes short work of applying solder paste.