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    Battery powered labby project

    The end goal for this is actually quite stupid. It started as an annual camping trip. First came a laser that could etch our names in firewood (about 3w). Next year I doubled the power and we were able to light the camp fire (6w). This laser was supposed to meet the third year goal: light...
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    Battery powered labby project

    Fantastic, thanks for all the info cdbeam777. I actually did have analog inputs monitoring the temperature thermistors. My PC board may have been wrong or I had the Arduino configured incorrectly, because I got no power output. That's one of the things I plan to debug in v2. Screen was too...
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    Battery powered labby project

    Fantastic, thanks! I will definitely check this out.
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    Battery powered labby project

    I've had no trouble running it for several minutes at a time. More worried about what it's pointed at. The heat sinks aren't very big but they are screwed + thermal compound to a large hunk of aluminum, which is itself screwed to the aluminum case.
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    Battery powered labby project

    I wanted to see if I could make something with two NUBM44 diodes beam combined and corrected for a better beam profile and decided on a lab format to give me space for optics. I also battery powered it from a large RC car LiPo, so it's portable. I partially succeeded. The NUBM44 is really a...
  6. Control electronics

    Control electronics

    PWM control via an Adafruit Trinket Pro
  7. Optics


    Close up of the beam correction and combining optics.
  8. Beam Shot

    Beam Shot

  9. Over 11 Watts

    Over 11 Watts

    My LPM is probably topping out here. It's based on an Ophir head powered by +- 12v
  10. Optics and drivers

    Optics and drivers

    The drivers are mounted directly to the 1/4" aluminum base using mica insulators, so this makes a great heat sink.
  11. 30% Power

    30% Power

    Beam shot at 30% power.
  12. Beam Spot @ 100'

    Beam Spot @ 100'

    The beam spot at 100' is about 4" in diameter, about 3.2mrad divergence.
  13. Alignment Rig

    Alignment Rig

    To align the two beams I created a rig that at about 100' (30m) of length.
  14. Aperture


    The output aperture.
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    PWM diode "whines" when not at 100%. Will this shorten life?

    Ok, I just noticed something interesting. The whine I'm hearing from the laser diode is not coming from the diode. It's coming from the block of wood I'm using as a beam dump. I moved my LPM into the beam and the whining stops. I would still love to know if this causes any more stress on the...