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    Need help to protect my 445nm diodes.

    I have a history of killing 445nm diodes, probably $300 in the hole over a period of 5 years. Not from too much current but from overheating or too long a duty cycle. So I just bought one of DTR 7w NUBM44 V2 450nm Diode In 12mm Copper I got the 12mm so I could attach a thermistor connected to...
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    Why are green laser drivers more complex than Red Laser Drivers?

    It's been awhile since I made my last driver but I think my 7135's were overheating above 3.7v, so I was going to use the voltage regulator before the current regulators to give me a wider range of batteries. Other than added complexity would this work?
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    Why are green laser drivers more complex than Red Laser Drivers?

    So lets say I have a voltage regulator that outputs the needed voltage to the diode and I run this through 7135 current regulators. Would I have a direct driver that worked? Does the diode need anything other than the proper voltage and current?
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    Why are green laser drivers more complex than Red Laser Drivers?

    Copyright © 1994-2004, Samuel M. Goldwasser So, many led and laser diodes seem to only have a voltage regulator and a diode for reverse battery protection. Some have current regulators, but all the green ones seem way more complex. I'm interested in using the following laser in a project but...
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    Need an LPM for measuring less than .7mw of 780nm ??

    So what is recommended for measuring Class 1 IR laser compliance? What kind of money can I expect to spend?
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    40w laser idea using Cassegrain telescope?

    If I am not mistaken the way the mirrors are aligning those beams is no different than what my telescope idea would do?
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    40w laser idea using Cassegrain telescope?

    To fight terminators, like in the movies duh. Anybody else with any input? Is it possible to get 40watts out of this idea?
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    40w laser idea using Cassegrain telescope?

    So the idea does have some merit? Just there would be around 50% cancellation of power? Still seems like a cost effective way of combining a lot of beams easily.
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    40w laser idea using Cassegrain telescope?

    Needing some answers to an idea I had. From the time I watched the first terminator, I've thought of a 40w portable laser. Just wondering if I could make the below idea work, or if the wavelengths would cancel each other out. Take a 90mm makutov telescope. Build a heatsink in front of the...
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    200mw - 500+mw Diode and Module Options

    Just want a good performing diode/module for around $100ish
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    200mw - 500+mw Diode and Module Options

    Just now getting into green lasers, Not familiar with the diodes in common usage. Looking for something around the cost and as usefulness as my Jayrob 445nm build. Any advice and option suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Where to get a .4" sacrificial lens?

    I have a mini 904nm diode and the lens is so small it can't easily be cleaned and a little dust messes up the beam. In front of the diode is a .4" cylinder shape area I can put a sacrificial lens. I guess I can either screw a module into this place or bond a lens in this area. Any idea where I...
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    What's wrong with LED Drivers?

    I've been keeping to the norm and using flexdrives set at 1.5amps, but they get pricey when you have several projects going on. There is a plethora of LED drivers ranging from 300ma - 750ma - 1,400ma on ebay that can be had for less than $6. By combining 2 or 3 of these you could achieve a lot...
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    How many 1.6w Lasers can I run from 2 18650's

    Any idea how for you can see a beam this powerful pointed into the air with night vision? Its not about pointing it at someone. its about looking for the beam from another ground position when it is pointed at the empty sky. I have a personal need for this and I want to explore the most I can...