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    Look at this DPSS crystal!

    "It seems like it should take 1 1064nm photon and split it" Photons are not corpuscles but waves that propagates ( like riddles in surface of water ). In vacuum photons are just virtual particles (electrons and positrons) that oscillate and transmit their oscillation to other charged...
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    My Ophir was Stolen :(

    maybe the customs are waiting for their bakchich ?
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    Why are laser dot shapes diffrent?

    in monomode the shape of the "dot" depends on the shape of the pump laser, on the shape of the lasing medium, of the semi-transparent mirror (on the exit face of the crystal) from where the laser exits. if the mirror were star-shaped, you would get approximatively a star-shaped dot. in...
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    lazerer in now selling single mode 445nm

    i want a silver (not white!) keychain please :-)
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    Review: Lazerer LZTN - 532nm 30mW Smallest Green Laser Pointer

    is the divergence good ? i have read many times that these 10440 keychains have big divergence...
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    Which is brightest: an AAA battery laser or a 18650 one?

    "even if it is just 100mW" it may be only 20mW ...
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    The economy of laser diodes

    "Please build me a 1 Watt 445nm Laser for $20.00" it is absolutely evident that an home-made production will never be as cheap than industrial production.
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    The economy of laser diodes

    "My question is why hasn't this happened yet" i think it has already happened, but for the moment the sellers keep the prices of their 445nm pointers artificially high, since there is a strong demand... so if you want to see the prices to drop, stop buying blue lasers at 150$ 300$ 500$ , cause...
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    are violet lasers fun to play with ?

    I have read in sam's laser FAQ that a moron who stare directly into the beam of an <5mw keychain for 1 minute kept no sequels. So we can assume that 650nm 5mW is totally safe. Personally i put the no-goggles-limit at 50mW (please don't discuss this) So my question is: at 40mW (real) is a 405nm...
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    are violet lasers fun to play with ?

    i know that different wavelengths have different brightness. I was asking specifically for 405nm. "Even under 5mW it´s dangerous" I was speaking of normal use with normal people :-)
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    Review of the Mini Purple Class Laser Beam Black Keychain

    20s the batteries kept cold. I'm asking: if these violet laser are safe they are too dim to play with, and if they are bright enough they are not safe, isn't it ?
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    are violet lasers fun to play with ?

    yes that's what i wanted to know: if they are safe, they are dim, and if they are bright enough, they are dangerous ?
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    Can anyone recommend me a good <1mW red laser?

    buy the atlasnova. if you can't tolerate rattling, put a paper inside. you can safely take the 5mW
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    Review of the Mini Purple Class Laser Beam Black Keychain

    i just tried with two NiMH, and the host is hot now... what's getting hot: diode or driver ?