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    Benboost Mini Version 5.1 (KiCAD)

    Good to see someone carry the torch! :beer: Ive been out of the game for a while haha
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    Anyone who made benboost, CCBoost or other drivers come in

    Go with mini v5. Thats the best one. The sot-23-5 package just can't handle enough power. The ones with a thermal pad work much better. I have builds with them like 3 years old maybe more and still work great. Sorry about the pm I don't check my messages here too often anymore!
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    For all buying laserland 5mw 445nm

    Well it definitely looks like 445nm in the picture. Does anybody know of a 445nm diode they could get at these prices even if its only 5mw? I haven't heard of any. I suppose you dont have an LPM? Im wondering if tis is really only 5mw or more like 50mw. I guess Ill buy a few. May be able...
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    For all buying laserland 5mw 445nm

    Can you confirm this is 445nm not 405nm? And a pic of the output if its not too much trouble? I find it hard to believe they are selling a 445nm laser for $8. Im going to buy one if it is!
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    Memory Lane (Pic Heavy)

    Reminds me of when I joined the forum so I could buy my first a140 from dave! Then pontiacg5 and then you. I started lurking when phr-803t and LOC diodes were all the rage but didn't join until I needed an account to get my hands on that holy grail 1W blue :) Dont have pics of my first...
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    LED driver as laser diode driver

    Do you have experience with circuit design? Because you are probably gonna need to design a pcb to get that working. If you want I could make a quick board file in eagle. And I would order extras just in case you blow one! Its happened to me plenty of times. If you come out with a working...
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    LED driver as laser diode driver

    I think it will work just fine as a laser diode driver. All laser diode drivers (and led drivers) are essentially voltage regulators. They simply regulate to voltage over a shunt resistor and, because V=IR, regulate the current. Looking over the datasheet its seems fine, but I would add...
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    Pen Laser Thread

    What host is this? Looks nice, id like to get one
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    Gearbest Giveaway - Share your wonderful review, picture or video

    Is this legit? A 445nm laser for $5? Seems like its going to be a 405nm. If its actually 445nm Id buy it.
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    Driver for cnc DIY

    Make sure you get the glass lens upgrade when you buy the diode. High power 405nm will tear up that acrylic lens. I think you can get rid of the transistor in the circuit if you hook it up like this: So a high signal would turn it off and a low signal turns it on. Alternatively remove the...
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    4w 940nm laser driver needed.

    Ok well i feel a lot better about it now then! Sorry for jumping to conclusions, when you said PI I assumed it was people. That power supply should work fine but I would set it 1amp or so below the diodes current. These cheapo dc-dc boards have pretty bad spikes at turn on so that should help...
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    4w 940nm laser driver needed.

    This is a terrible idea. Do you realize how easily you could blind the person you are spying on? Or yourself? A 4W totally invisible laser is no joke. There is no blink reflex because you cant see the light. You need safety glasses for a laser like that. And something tells me you werent...
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    Custom Drivers Thread! DIY & Open Source! Add yours!

    LT3083 Adjustable Linear This is a rock solid adjustable linear driver. It has two current ranges. Low is 150ma to 880ma and high is 350ma to 2080ma. Design is right off the datasheet, aside from playing with resistor values to get the current ranges. Dropout is low, needs about 2v (max)...
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    Custom Drivers Thread! DIY & Open Source! Add yours!

    Hello everybody. I havent been around much lately but Ive got a lot more time on my hands now (summer break) so Ive been checking out the forum again and seeing whats new. Anyways I was thinking about all these driver designs I have on my computer that arent being used and Im sure some of you...
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    The Nootropics Thread

    I hadn't even thought of this, since I've never really had a problem with bad dreams/nightmares. The increased dream activity I had afterwards was actually the best part IMO. You raise a very good point though. It seems to me that as long as you are in a good state of mind, stable, and...