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    Did you get my message?

    Did you get my message?
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    Best MODS for vaping

    Sorry took so long to get back to this. I ended up going with the tesla 200w att temp control, and the Uwell Crown subohm tank. The crown tank is amazing I can go upto 120watts of power with the dual 0.25 ohm coils with no dry hits at all. Vape production is thur the roof. Thank guys
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    Wicked lasers crossguard

    http://www.wickedlasers.com/crossguard Anyone else seen this crazy idea yet... yeah lets make the laser even more dangerous by sending two beams on both sides of you as well. That way you can blind your buddy's standing on the side of you as well. Absolutely insane lol. Wicked you have out...
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    5 Watt Laser Power Meter

    PM sent to you nospin
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    USB Portable Powerful 12W Custom LPM

    I agree I have Pmd podo with no response in months several times. But I just got an Ophir 20C-A head for a great price so I'm not to worried about it anumore
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    PLP520-B1 in a Stainless Steel "BTU" Build

    Re: PLP520-B1 in a Stainless Steel "BTU" Host Awesome build man love it
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    Osram PLT5 450B 450nm 5.6mm Laser Diode

    I think so... To the best of my knowledge that is the most efficient single mode we have.;)
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    Osram PLT5 450B 450nm 5.6mm Laser Diode

    Re: Osram PLP450 450nm 5.6mm Laser Diode This is amazing 400mws of single mode 450nm is awesome
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    Super score

    Same here I have one of those diodes from DTR's first batch of them. I am just waiting for my host to be finished then I can build it but now I will be able to take a reading on it too. I don't have an LPM right now at all. But that just changed. Just keep an eye out I'm sure another will pop up...
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    Super score

    I couldn't believe no one else bid on it. I thought I was going to loose it for sure. But as time went on nothing lol. I hAve been wanting one forever just couldn't afford one Edit: yep that's the one;)
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    Super score

    Well I did take some precautions just I'm case it's not. I emailed him thru the Bay asking very specific questions about the head like size and part number and serial numbers and ect. And got the person to confirm everything via the emails exchanged. So that if it ends up not being what he said...
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    Super score

    I couldn't believe that no one else bid on it. I would post a link of the ended auction but I don't know how to post the link on my phone. I'm so happy right now tho. It's still in the factory package too. So that means its calibrated still if it has never been used?
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    Super score

    I just won an Ophir 20C-A-1-Y P/n 1706111 on E to the bay brand new in the package for 130.00 USD. Talk about a killer deal on a brand new ophir head. SO STOKED
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    [SOLD] NEW Zaser XL Custom White Powder Coating Host $130 Shipped [SOLD]

    That is the exact diode I would use in such a wonderful host as yours. Just think after your diodes is decanned may be even more powerful
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    Best MODS for vaping

    I was going to say I just reread it and it says vaping lol