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    Making your own GITD O-rings.

    Wow thats awesome! I may just do that myself! Where did you get the glow in the dark power and did you just put the powder into the silicone tube or did you mix it with something?
  2. azzman372

    Where to buy diffraction gratings?

    Fixed your link. put this inbetween the youtube tags Imz7IYEJZJ4 Imz7IYEJZJ4
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    I found his new youtube channel where he explains why he left Thisisphoton's Channel - YouTube
  4. azzman372

    Are laser mice really... lasers?

    Ahhh I thought that IR looks pinkish or red. My bad =D
  5. azzman372

    Are laser mice really... lasers?

    I just took a quick pic of my logitech vx nano and got an invisible camera only blue light?
  6. azzman372

    Merry Christmas From Australia!

    You know where is a hole in Australia? Canberra....
  7. azzman372

    Merry Christmas From Australia!

    Woo Merry Christmas! Christmas dinner time =D
  8. azzman372

    Sold out please lock

    Re: FS: Military Right Angle Prisms 5/8" & 1" 5% Uranium Marbles Hahaha shhhhh secret for now. Wait till I do my write up. I think FP said mine was only a couple of mW difference to yours =P I wanna check if these are clear/see through marbles or solid ones. I bought some solid ones already...
  9. azzman372

    Laser Tag Query

    Hahaha Fiddy. I do have my 300mW firedragon. *pew pew* wtf was that! how many ppl did I just blind
  10. azzman372

    Sold out please lock

    Re: FS: Military Right Angle Prisms 5/8" & 1" 5% Uranium Marbles Could you get a pic of the marbles in normal light? thanks!
  11. azzman372

    1.2w 445 review

    Great review! I think Lazerer are one of the best sellers at the moment especially with their power certificate service. Those batteries may be charged already. They will probably be at ~4.0v and they are charging at a really slow rate
  12. azzman372

    Free Laser (For Me...Score)

    I got my free core from WL lol. measured it at 5mW on my Laserbee. The first package they sent me was lost. The tracking said it expired. I emailed WL and they sent me out a new one and I got that within 4 days. As much as we all dislike WL, their customer support seems to be a lot better now
  13. azzman372

    Dual Direction Green laser Sword/Fun/Club/Cool

    Isn't the one form 0-like used for performances? Like those Laserman videos that have been posted around.
  14. azzman372

    SOLD: 1.5W Kryton Groove - Price Drop!

    Re: FS: 1.5W Kryton Groove - Improved by Ehgemus Oh man! I love the Kryton hosts (just look at my sig). What will you be doing with the other one that will not have the guts in it? Are you going to sell that too?
  15. azzman372

    Review - Lasersman FireDragon III 300mW

    Yeah it seems that the 500mW ones are not great however the 300mW ones seem to be doing well as well as from the previous GB