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    Australian laserist?!

    Hi Guys, Been awhile since i have been on this forum. Just wanting to see how the laser community in Australia is going? Are you still collecting lasers? I still have all my collection from 2010+ and kept them all in prestige condition! i have considered selling them but if i am honest i...

    WTB!! Pen Style Laser

    Who said they don't ship here? Dragon lasers still do ordered from their recently same as wicked lasers. Dragon Lasers

    WTB!! Pen Style Laser

    I live in perth and have not had one laser confiscated by customs. I buy from dragon lasers, wicked lasers.

    Wicked Lasers "700mW" Artic Down under (Aussie) review

    Yes the status did change

    Wicked Lasers "700mW" Artic Down under (Aussie) review

    Haha woops, Meant 2015 or am i a time traveller. Beams shots tonight :)

    Wicked Lasers "700mW" Artic Down under (Aussie) review

    Yep got abit of a collection going on at the moment haha. I dont really use them that much its more a collection thing for me.

    Wicked Lasers "700mW" Artic Down under (Aussie) review

    Hi everyone, Just a quick short review of my new laser i ordered from wicked lasers while the 40% sale was current. I ordered my laser on the 26th of November 2014 the order did take multiple weeks to process or even be sent out. I got my laser on the 14th of January 2014. No tracking number...



    Just bought the new Wicked Lasers Evo

    Don't be so worried, I have dealt with wicked lasers multiple times. Same shipping procedure happened to me. Always got the tracker number couple of days after "processed" in fact I just got my wicked lasers evo in the mail today. Took 3 weeks via express. Don't worry and just wait for it...
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    Wicked Lasers 50mW Evo 532nm Australian review

    Yeah, Very happy. I have had really good luck with customs. So far 4 lasers from dragon lasers, wicked lasers. got through :)
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    Wicked Lasers 50mW Evo 532nm Australian review

    Hello guys, I have recently ordered a 50mW green laser from wicked lasers. Took an average of 3 weeks to get here including recent public holidays. This laser is a beautiful laser. The host feels strong and sturdy and is solid built. Comes with a nice carry case alongside with a hand rope...
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    Shanghai PVG

    I had the exact same problem. Stuck at PVG but my laser came in the mail today. Still says its in PVG ^^
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    [WTB] 18650 with charger (australia

    Sure how much for one battery and charger? Include postage, Cheers.
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    Hulk ultra 200mW Australian review

    Hulk Ultra 200mW I first placed my order on the 23rd with dragon lasers for a hulk ultra 200mW, It cost about $220 shipped express to aussie. took about 4 days to to get to me. The first time i opened and used this laser pointer i was amazed by the quality of the laser and the build of it...
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    2 quick questions

    Yeah dragon lasers is one of the best company and quality i have dealt with. My Hulk ultra 200mW is due tomorrow :) (Australia) and it also got cleared by customs today too :D Love it. It took 4 days from china to Australia via fedex.