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    Beam combining - effects of different wavelengths on resultant human perception.

    Chroma looks great, but for the life of me I can't get it to run under x64 windows 10... Even with the proper Mathlab compiler (7.11) and environment variables set. Bah. On an unrelated note... Mathlab is a terrible runtime. My god. I thought JRE had that award. Real PITA without backward...
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    Beam combining - effects of different wavelengths on resultant human perception.

    Replied in Quote. Thank you for the discourse. I always appreciate a good hypothetical dicussion about light, especially when I'm only starting to wrap my head around the intricacies of it. This makes obvious sense. As we approach a central wavelength of 550-560nm (depending on the...
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    Beam combining - effects of different wavelengths on resultant human perception.

    Well, I don't see a 589nm beam in my near future, mainly because it's unlawful to import - and Frankly, I just don't want to deal with that right now. I was considering metal-printing a mount to create a simple red+green combining module, throwing a dichro in, and calling it a day. Can still...
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    Import 50mw Yellow into Ontario, CA?

    So, I've never actually imported a fully built pointer into Ontario, Canada before. I'm not even certain it's legal to do so, and I'm looking for advice in this area. I've always purchased the parts, hosts, and bar stock and milled the pointer myself, done some testing, and later disassembled...
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    589 MilkyWay

    Eugh. This is my dream laser pointer, for the whole Adaptive Optics dye lasers they use at observatories. Very cool OP. Super, super jealous. How many mw? My next pointer is going to be a 589nm, when I get a tax return back, I think.
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    175ma GH04850B2G 488nm Build

    Yes, this particular diode has a Vf of 6-7.5, so I can absolutely see why the waste heat could be a concern. P=IxV, yields me around 1.8w total draw from the cell, which is still a lot of heat to be dissipated by the driver and diode. The driver IC has been heatsunk as well in every one of my...
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    175ma GH04850B2G 488nm Build

    Thank you for the reply. That helps a lot, as I have no LPM to measure output; I was just assuming that 175ma would yield around 100mw. I will modify it up to between 190-210ma and see if I can gain a few notches in visual output. If not, I will titrate back, to ensure temperatures are well...
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    WHY so many 'necro posts' lately.

    Been browsing and lurking this forum for around 4 years, and the black theme is so much easier on the eyes, especially late at night. Also, the other forum I post on regularly, [H], has a similar grey colour scheme, and it just feels at home! As for the necro posts... Well, this forum is...
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    Why is my 200mw red laser dims

    What is your laser. Did you build it, or did you buy it? Are you sure the driver output is correct? Are your batteries correct? Are you heatsinking correctly? Etc. Etc. We need a whole bunch more info.
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    My new build $495nm and 515 nm laser

    The 495nm blue is an absolutely amazing colour. Fantastic. What's the 495nm diode's part number (model # or whatever). Also, where can I get one!
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    NDS-7175 Skyblue LD ?

    I honestly can't imagine how bright these diodes would be in the 483<x<490nm wavelength range as per the spec sheet. The beam and spot on a properly focused/collimated 488nm @ 100mw is already very visible at night, let alone an order of magnitude stronger. All these solid state diodes, in...
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    175ma GH04850B2G 488nm Build

    So, I really wanted to get into some of the more interesting Blue wavelengths, and I decided that 488nm would be a perfect introduction to the 470nm<x<490nm wavelength range, well, without breaking the bank. I don't have many build pics of the entire laser, as the build was rather...
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    589nm vs. 594nm Yellow Wavelength Comparison

    I fell in love with the 589nm wavelength because of the adaptive optics used in todays optical telescopes. I wish we could develop a solid state 589nm chip, but barring that, the only laser i will ever purchase and not build is the 589nm.
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    New 520nm 500mw Build

    My "soldering station" is literally a stainless steel tiled outdoor bar, on a balcony, 22 floors above the city streets of Toronto. I would kill for a more pristine workstation. I downsized from a massive metal and wood workshop (forced dust collection etc.) to a city condo and it hurts. I may...