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  1. APEX1

    home sweet home

    Hey guys! its been far to long. gonna do some catching up on the fourms and get building again soon! just wanted to drop a hello and I'm back home for a few months till the next "long haul":gun: :whistle:I have some awesome pictures of the middle east to show off. talk to yall soon.
  2. APEX1

    Am I going to go blind?

    Ummmmmm what they said :banghead:
  3. APEX1

    Whats up peeps

    Thanks guys. I'll be sure to do some catching up on the threads..
  4. APEX1

    Whats up peeps

    Whats up everyone???????!!!!!! I'm back from a long unwanted "vaca" what have I missed? Hope everyone is good. cant wait to get back in to my builds! cheers!
  5. APEX1

    How would you react if the reputation system is removed on LPF?

    How would we no if a user is a trouble maker then? Im fine either way! Still going to love this place no matter what
  6. APEX1

    Hey hey

    Hey all, just wanted to check in with the laser family.. Hows everyone doing? Have i missed anything good? Had a good few months out of the U.S. Glad to be back.... :gun::gun::gun::gun: :D
  7. APEX1

    Hi I'm Back

    welcome back, Ive been gone for a little my self!
  8. APEX1

    Radiant X4: A LPM for the masses at Illumination Supply!

    I don't think anything is happening anytime soon! I ended buy one else where!
  9. APEX1

    FS: Budgetbeams inventory

    Hey bro, do you have any of the skyray left?
  10. APEX1

    need some advise

    Still haven't heard from him but Someone signed for the package! Wish I new what was going on and if everything is ok!!!
  11. APEX1

    Hello everyone new here, with a question

  12. APEX1

    need some advise

    lol This is crazy! I hope everything is okay with him! KevinMassey is the member, so if anyone hears from him please tell him to contact me!
  13. APEX1

    need some advise

    Hey guys, so I sold a lot of my stuff to a member on here a few weeks ago everything went according to plan my problem is he isn't responding to any of my messages and ups made 3 attempts to deliver the goods! My question is, what should I do if the stuff I shipped gets sent back to me??? Thanks...
  14. APEX1

    Need advive buying high power green laser.

    GSS nailed it! I hope you plan on buying a decent pair of glasses
  15. APEX1

    sold. Few of my builds sale

    thanks bud!