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Current Collection:
Sanwu 304 650nm 200mW
RadioShack 2xAAA Pointer 650nm 3.7mW

Custom/DTR/Lifetime 637nm 110mW
Sanwu Challenger II 635nm 1000mW
CRX_ Green Laser 532nm ~25mW(?)
Sanwu 304 532nm 80mW

Sanwu Pocket 520nm 50mW
Sanwu Pocket 505nm 50mW
Sanwu Challenger 488nm 80mW
Sanwu Ranger 470nm 4000mW
Sanwu Pocket 455nm 150mW
Custom/DTR BlueMod 450nm 675mW
Sanwu Challenger 405nm 800mW
Sanwu 304 405nm 100mW

+ about 80-something flashlights


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