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    How to make LPM by myself?

    I think LPM was too expensive to me, so I want to build one, but I don't know how to build, I take some arduino uno at my school. I need your help.
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    Hello everyone

    Hi, I'm a student from Taiwan. My first build high power laser was M140 1.6W blue laser, now I have 1 M140 diode and 2 high power red laser diodes, I also want to build solid-state laser and CO2 laser, but it too expensive, and this year, I want to build a laser per month.
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    Laser Driver - It Can Be Done! - rog8811

    If I need to connect this driver to my HL63193MG red diode, it need 800mA so I need to put 1.56Ohm resistor? And for the dummy load how many 1N4001 diodes do I need to connect?
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    How to make pulsed laser??

    Hi, I'm a newcomer, I want to know how to build a pulsed laser, I have some capacitors at home.