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    Beam RGB laser projector

    I've tried put fat beam [ about 8-9mm diameter ] inside cheap chinesee laser show bar but output was similar to the orginal point lasers only much darker. I dont't wanna make this for safety reasons but only for visual effect. I'm thinking about make some kind of laser visual show where fat...
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    Beam RGB laser projector

    I was wondering ... if someone try to build [ maybe me :D ] rgb laser projector from fat beams lasers ? Is it technically possible ?
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    LD2000 Hero show problem

    Hi i'm newbie in laser shows. I get QM2000 intro board and in laser show designer wanna use hero show from standard library but I cannot edit tracks below 8 :( Can someone make me a favore and delete tracks below 8 from this show >>> my version of cutted show Thanx if any would do it :)