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Einstein said that "Insanity [was/is] doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Yet the majority of the Human Species I have encountered continually do the same thing, the same way, and expect different results. Statistics tells us that if the majority of a group does something then that is normative (read normal) behavior. So statistically speaking the majority of the Human Race is, according to no lesser mind than Einstein's, technically insane. That being so, insofar as insanity is an abnormality (statistical anomalies aside) I have made a conscious decision to continue being abnormally normal.

5 x 30W 532nm Laser Modules (in various states of disrepair)

2 x 200W 650nm Laser Diodes (awaiting prototyping into PDH Modulated Settings (waiting on optics).*

1 x <1mW Laser Pointer @ 650nm

* Waiting on Newport/Geltech-type Aspheric lenses & Fast-axis lenses, as well as the 100l/mm (10x10mm) Line-Splitter Gratings. I have the electronics.