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  1. 3zuli

    Identifying an unknown 515nm diode

    That pinout diagram I posted might be misleading you. That is for PLT5-520, which is indeed case positive. My diode has anode on pin 1 and cathode on pin 3. Inside I can see bond wires connecting the LD die to pins 1 and 3. As far as I can tell, the case is neutral. And there are no more...
  2. 3zuli

    Identifying an unknown 515nm diode

    It appears to be case-neutral. There's a "76 Y0" marking on the side of the can.
  3. 3zuli

    Identifying an unknown 515nm diode

    This is my first post here after a very long time. I recently bought what was supposed to be an Osram PLT5-520 diode from techhood https://www.ebay.com/itm/OSRAM-PLT5-520-50mW-Green-Laser-Diode-TO18-5-6mm-New/143292564817. I used this driver set to about 100mA...
  4. 3zuli

    What lights do you have?

    you won the giveaway? :) well... photonicinduction FTW :D
  5. 3zuli

    What is the best heatsink material for Handled Laser ?

    diamond is the best :D followed by colpper and and aluminium... brass is definitely not as good.
  6. 3zuli

    BMW to develop Laser Headlights

    that looks sooo awesome... like the USS Enterprise ship from Startrek :eek: so, who's gonna extract the diodes? :D
  7. 3zuli

    Kipkay's Propaganda ; Rhetorical Analysis

    tl;dr. yeeaaah, trip to Andromeda any1? got 3 free seats in my car :crackup: and btw (@Benm): the world's longest laser connection was done somewhere in the 1970 (don't know exactly), they used some huge <1mW IR HeNe to transmit audio over something like 100 miles... (this was posted here some...
  8. 3zuli

    Silly DIY stuff...

    check out this series of videos: DIY Laser Show: Number 1 - YouTube
  9. 3zuli

    4 diodes in one housing?

    that power supply should be powerful enough to power 4 diodes + drivers, that means 4x as powerful as for a single unit. so, the answer is NO.
  10. 3zuli

    4 diodes in one housing?

    it's not that simple as you think. you could knife-edge 2 and 2 diodes together and then combine these 2 beams using a PBS cube. it would be very hard to make that assembly reasonably small and portable. also, you would need LOTS of power to drive it (like 3S3P LiPo pack for a reasonable...
  11. 3zuli

    Need help for first project blu-ray

    this looks to be a red and IR diode in one package, rated for only few mW's. if you want a bluray as your first project, you'd better pick up a PHR-803T or 805-T, build a simple LM317 (DDL) driver and set it to ~100mA
  12. 3zuli

    What lights do you have?

    oh, that just looks sooooo cool :drool: how much did it cost?
  13. 3zuli

    UniqueFire DinoDirect 1000LM Light!

    DX has it's xpg r5 version: FandyFire 2100 CREE XP-GR5 5-Mode 350-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap (1 x 18650) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme unfortunately, there seems to be problem with the driver. I've got 1 on hand to repair, and the driver is burned. this light needs other driver 800...
  14. 3zuli

    Hmm... Multimode DIY Driver?

    flexdrives can't handle that. @kmor: that was my try to memorise the mode while the switch is pressed (and power is turned off). I'm not an IC programming expert, but I know that you could use a small capacitor and use ADC or comparator to watch the voltage (like this:) int mode; //stored in...
  15. 3zuli

    Hmm... Multimode DIY Driver?

    as previously said, the modes work by modulating (switching on and off) the current limiting part of the driver. this modulation is usually provided by a microcontroller. btw, microboost HAS modulation input and can be modded to accept TTL input (try searching "microboost ttl blanking") how...