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    Rust cleaning/ surface prep lasers

    Thank you for a constructive response. Reading here the co2 lasers I've found were more specifically for cutting. That's what threw me off. I appreciate the clarification. I agree its not going to be a quick project. I'm not even sure I can accomplish it, but I'm not sure I can't. It's at...
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    Rust cleaning/ surface prep lasers

    Where I do appreciate you all making fun. I have searched a fair amount. I have seen those hobbyist kits as well. As with all of us I was hoping to get one built at home cheaper than $275k. I have looked through many forums and this one seemed to have a great deal of knowledge and as such be a...
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    Rust cleaning/ surface prep lasers

    So I'm not sure this is the best sub forum for this question, but I'll ask here. If there's a better place please point me there. I'm sure we've all seen and loved tee videos of tee surface prep lasers cleaning rust or paint off of metal. It's my understanding they're a co2 laser in the...