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May 23


My Laser collection from 06/06/2018 until 05/2020

405nm: Jshfei torch 50mw

405nm: SANWU pocket series 200mw
405nm: LaserLand laser pointer 5mw
445nm: Jshfei torch 50mw
447nm: Laserland laser pointer 5mw
450nm: SANWU Striker series 5000mw
one of SANWU RGB
SANWU Laser Rangers 3500mw
480nm: (reality 473nm) SANWU guardian/silver series 80mw
492nm: SANWU guardian series 150mw
505nm: SANWU pocket series 50mw
510nm: SANWU pocket series 10mw
514nm: LaserLand laser pointer 5mw
520nm: LaserLand laser pointer 10mw
525nm: one of SANWU RGB
Jshfei torch 50mw

532nm: Norkin 303 laser pointer 50mw
532nm: (reality 536nm) LaserLand laser pointer 5mw
561nm: LASOS DPSS YLK 6120 T 100mw
589nm: CNIlasers laser pointer 10mw

589nm: (reality 592nm) DragonLasers Spartan series 50mw
612nm: Dream Lasers SDL-SFL-RA 130mw
635nm: one of SANWU RGB
Laserland laser pointer 5mw
650nm: Laserland laser pointer 5mw

650nm: Jshfei torch 50mw
650nm: Laserlands diode module 200mw
660nm: Pet fun laser pen 1mw

Next Coming: 593.5, 488, 780, 658, 462, 607, 420


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