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Question C6 Custom heatsink

Hey everyone,

I'm a newbie working on a first pair of twin builds in Canada and I'm using an M140 driven by a benboost V5 mini from a single 18650 at around 1.2W (perhaps 1.35) in a C6 host (I feel a pretty standard first build).

I know I'm going to have to modify the driver pill (machine it flat to use it as a heatsink for the benboost). I also know I am going to need a copper heat sink for my aixiz module to get good runtimes and seeing as I found out I have access to cheap cooper at school I want to machine my own heatsink

Would anyone be able to help me out with the dimensions of said heatsink and with any indormation on how much longer I could make it for when I flatten out the driver pill? I know jayrob does it for his custom kit and a few others on here have either offered heatsinks before or still do (and I could always buy one from survival laser) but I would like to do it myself to save a little dough and more importantly get the experience on a lathe.

Any help with both heatsinking the benboost V5 mini (where to apply the compound, how much I'll need, tips in general), and/or the dimensions for that diode module heatsink would be greatly appreciated

You can assume that I have looked through the forum and read some of the posts regarding heatsinking and building in this host (I'm not just asking out of the blue without doing my own searching first :P)

Thanks everyone for any help you can provide I'll post a build thread once I get all my components and start on it,

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benboost, c6 host, copper, heatsink, m140

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