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    This can't be 1000mw 1w

    You can know it through its price.
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    Looking for >= 1.5 W 445 nm

    output power ?In fact now the true power is not over than 1000MW for blue laser
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    There are lots of blue laser &red laser module for sale in stock

    Red laser which has dot sharpe,line sharpe,cross sharpe,output power:200mw blue laser :power50-300mw working voltage:DC 3.0-5.5V ACC abroad working temperature:-10°c-40°c Surface treatment :Anode black dimension:14.5(D)*45(L)mm&13(D)*45(L)mm Operate current:I<340mA...
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    Looking for lazer

    do you need laser module or laser pointer?
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    Good morning from Italy

    warmly welcome to here!
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    Looking to buy an Artic from wickedlasers or a 1w blue laser

    Usually if you buy laser from China,it is fast by DHL,FEDEX etc.Usually during one week .
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    Arctic Knockoff on Ebay

    Are they from UK EBAY seller?
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    Arctic Knockoff on Ebay

    I saw his address is UK.Products are made in Singapore.
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    Need help choosing

    Now 445nm is very popular.I think it is more brightly and cheaper than 473nm. Of course it takes your love
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    I need help repairing my 100mW CNI laser pointer! PLEASE

    if you can't ligh it,i am sure laser diode is dead.You will need to confirm whether the crystal is OK or not? If you can focus it,and need to replace new diode ,maybe it will get OK.But be careful PCB.
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    Something to say about Etiquette

    welcome to forum
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    buying laser between 100-150mw

    see. tks very much sir,:beer:
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    buying laser between 100-150mw

    so as long as two people make a deal ,buyer can pay money to seller's account ,then the seller send the goods?
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    buying laser between 100-150mw

    I never buy or sell on this forum.I am a little strange can we buy in here directly ,like Ebay?
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    Defective 100mw O-like Gatlin Green Laser for HOST or Repair

    Many laser products can't work for a long time if without cool fan