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    Mr Steak's laser rifle

    That is interesting. I did do a search regarding laser regulation but not a lot turned up. Ill read that trough. development would be garage only (got a pretty long one) so i dont see that being an issue. What is possible as to the experiance and probably safer aproach, would work with a...
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    Mr Steak's laser rifle

    Short introduction, Im a student in electronics and got quite some experiance in developing embedded systems and making mechanical drawings for CNC and 3D printing purposes. Im looking mostly for information and doing research for the next month, so i can get started on this project in the...
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    Greetings everyone, Ive been around a while now, and decided to make an account. I'm a 22 year old electronics student from belgium. I have already have some knowledge in safety regarding lasers, and I have worked with low power lasers (1-5mW) before. Thats about how far my expiriance goes...