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    New Nichia 9mm 1W 520nm diode (NDG7475T)

    Re: New Nichia 9mm 1W 520nm diode Oh boy. I have been away too long. 520nm should be useful in projectors so hopefully these will eventually drop to a reasonable price.
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    Another laser "UFO"?

    Yup Aliens have tech that humans can scarcely imagine in there wildest dreams, they have the ability to travel lightyears in the blink of an eye.........but somehow they F up over and over for people to see, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaNO
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    My Official Thread of Resignation

    Sorry to hear it. The amount of money I have lost due to lasers and equipment dying on me is............ hard to think about. But the equipment I do have that is still functional makes it all worth it. Take a look at my sig (that isn't half of my lasers/laser related equipment).
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    is this going to be the new teardown ?

    Not likely IMO. The highest one of these will be is probably in the $3,000+- range. LG needs to compete with other projectors that give similar picture quality and if these are 5-10x the price of our c@$10s etc very few people will be interested in buying them.
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    Can Some Lasers Go Through Walls?

    Go back the /b/, you're ponies are not welcome here :eg: :eg:
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    Thought to share these with you, some mega Lasers being used here by us.

    Yea SHM puts on a serious show. They're playing barclays NYC in march, can't wait to see that.
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    Can Some Lasers Go Through Walls?

    Go to a hospital and explain to them what you have explained to us.
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    Can Some Lasers Go Through Walls?

    Two questions 1. What kind of meds are you on? 2. If you don't have any MEDICal problems than why are you on MEDICation?
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    FS: 6 Watt+ 3 Diode Host Kits (Reserve yours now) Fully Assembled Options Available!

    So correct me if I'm wrong but there isn't any beam combination going on right. It's just 3 separate beams? If that's the case then is it at all possible to combine beams with this, maybe a PBS or dichro set up. Or does the layout just make that impossible.
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    Laser CNC, engraving works, cutting doable?

    This thread is 7 months old.......
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    Do you leave the batteries in your lasers.

    What is everyones opinion as far as negative effects on the laser as a result of leaving the batteries in.
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    I need advise and help. I'm 15 and I would like to understand lasers better. Thanks.

    Re: advise and help. im 15 and need to understand high powered lasers. Thx I wasn't saying the UVEX glasses in particular are bad. I was just making a general statement. Essentially I'm saying not to go on google and enter "cheap laser glasses" and buy the cheapest pair you find.
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    Battery Junction

    Hey guys I just put an order in for some new NiMH C cells at BatteryJunction.com and they're having a 10% off sale on everything. Discount code is doomsday12w Considering getting a couple of quality Li ion batteries can be expensive I wanted everyone to get a chance to take advantage. One word...
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    Do you leave the batteries in your lasers.

    I keep the batteries in most of my lasers if I am actively using them which means if I am using them 2-3 times a week. There is .01% chance of my lasers falling in to the hands of an unexperienced user so that's not a concern for me. Although when certain friends are around I do remove the...
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    What's the purpose of a lens kit?

    This. Here at LPF we always stress the necessity of eye safety and I can imagine that on the outside it looks like most of us don't turn a laser on without protective eyewear. When doing things like looking at the beam in the sky or pointing the laser at a distant object etc you don't need the...