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    Re: 600mw Green - $295 do not really understand how this is a scam and/or rip off. 350-400mw on o-likes site for 200.00 before any shipping or paypal charges. to me, its worth the extra 90 bucks to: a. get the laser quick b. not have to worry about customs c. not have to worry about it...
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    green 400mw o-like laser back in stock

    talking to susie on msn right now 20 were put up this morning and 18 left up for grabs. checked with her and everything is fine with this batch i know a ton of people were waiting on these so just wanted to give a heads up scott
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    aluminum/teflon briefcase

    ohhh i see what you did there
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    aluminum/teflon briefcase

    1W/1000mW Red laser module/TTL and Analog modulation [OL-R-1W] - $369.99 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products thats the best way i can describe it! and i see plenty of lasers being taken in a picture with these cool arse cases. im working on 532nm 405nm 445nm 650nm set of...
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    awesome experience with jakegt

    reviewed : http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/1-5-1-74w-445nm-saik-custom-jakegt-61583.html this def. could have not gone any smoother. wired the money on a wednesday via bank wire. asked for overnight shipping. it was here, packaged perfectly and securely the next day with everything promisted...
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    i keep seeing the same 1000mw/1w blue laser EVERYWHERE

    ok guys -- a ton of people seemed very interested in the ankaka 1w blue laser so i got in touch with their customer service on msn. basically, they claim to QC all lasers and the only way i can get paperwork backing up the output power is if i bought "a many units" which i guess is chinenglish...
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    FS: 1.8-2W 445nm Maglite 2C Laser!

    Re: FS: High Quality 1.8A/~1.8W 445nm lasers, a few left. vegeta: ITS OVER 900000000000000000000000000000000 ITS OVER 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
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    1.5-1.74W 445nm SAIK custom by JAKEGT

    really is an amazing host. i just feel like with that much power you need a host that is thick and sturdy like the saik
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    G1 wicked laser arctic spyder iii

    a wannabe? what do i want to be? a guy who posts on a lasers forum? thats most ridiculous thing i've ever heard to have someone else call someone a wanna be on a message board. there is no difference between you and i. sorry. you own a few lasers and your lpf reputation is higher? good for you...
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    1.5-1.74W 445nm SAIK custom by JAKEGT

    hey guys first review here! after getting an arctic, i found this form way too late, and realized that i could have saved myself money AND got a sturdy, better laser! I messaged JAKEGT a few questions and he helped increase my knowledge 10 fold within one night. he offered to build me a...
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    i keep seeing the same 1000mw/1w blue laser EVERYWHERE

    hey ash i was referring too the 445nm 1W that has the same exact host. seems like ankaka has the same laser as both rayfoss and o-like for cheaper along with a 12 month warranty and a video of them using it to go with it. now, with that said, i have to partially disagree and agree with people...
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    FS: 1.8-2W 445nm Maglite 2C Laser!

    Re: FS: High Quality 1.8A/~1.8W 445nm lasers, 19 left. i know 4 people interested sparkles. but they would like a meter reading incase they resell it
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    i keep seeing the same 1000mw/1w blue laser EVERYWHERE

    hey buddy ankaka has them for 150ish! scott
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    i now own this bad boy as of today and let me tell you it is the cleanest, most constant, strongest 445nm i own.
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    1 Mega Watt Pulse Laser Gun in High Speed

    i, for one, am in talks with anselmo as we speak for a pulse gun. i am new to lasers but experienced enough to understand wavelength and output power thanks to jayrob, jakegt, anselmo, dtr the bottom line is this --- no one out on the internet is cranking out the things anselmo is. the iron...