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    FS: 1W+ 638nm minisabre v2 & Chrome Pen 532nm 40mW

    Free bump for a great maker and seller!:beer:
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    Vote for wife in modeling contest

    1024 with me! The best is yet to be!
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    Vote for wife in modeling contest

    959! Go for it!
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    Vote for wife in modeling contest

    927 with me! Let's aim for that 1k!
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    All sold

    Re: 500mw 405nm, 1 watt 445nm, 532nm crystals!!!! Free bump! Matt is a guy of honor! When he says it works, he really tops it!
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    FS: Phobos 520nm & Laserbee A 2w Left!

    Re: FS: Most of my collection for CHEAP - 520, 447, 445, 405 Free bump! Fyi KMM5117 is a great guy to buy from and his stuff is very well made!
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    Vote for wife in modeling contest

    Voted! I'll never forget how we got her down to the 40s!
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    First Post

    Laser Safety Seminar Video Welcome to LPF, Bob! I sat through that 1 hour video attached below. It explains all the salient aspects of what lasers are and why we have to be careful in handling them. Especially relevant for the unacquainted is the section on LEP (laser eye protection) at the...
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    I choose JOY! Join me in the pimpinjoy battle!

    You are our inspiration, Sean! Last month, my sister was rejected for surgery to her relapsed Glioblastoma in her Medulla Oblongata in turn for chemo and home rest. She's been given 3 yrs and we are praying too. Play hard and stay strong! :bowdown: "Do not go gentle into that good night, Old...
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    This is not the strangest post in the world

    Kindly disregard bottle label; thems bewdy buds! May Australian Blue will also bring out the poet in you!
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    Greetings and Introduction

    So true! With a bounty offered to the public and since pilots are mandated to report all laser sightings however oblique, it's rather risky :cryyy: But if one fails to arrest the itch, ensure it's in the dead of night and when no drones are snooping around from above! :whistle:
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    Greetings and Introduction

    Welcome to LPF, SFTS! I reckon you should really consider some eye safety gear first pls!
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    Need Help With First Laser

    Re: Looking For A First Laser Pls consider posting here : WELCOME SECTION , read the stickies and refer to the video here : A TYPICAL DAY AT LPF. :shhh:
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    Looking for a new laser

    Hi Lewis, while you're at it, why not intro yourself at our Welcome section and make some friends too? You'll be surprised to find a fairly big number of fellow members from the UK. Also update your location on your profile to help you receive more tips and even invites from those near you! :D...
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    Apologies for my early forum behaviors

    Takes courage and humility, what you're doing now!:D