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    Jake21 is actually... AWESOME!

    About a month ago I made a thread here saying how terrible Jake21 is because his laser broke. Well after some initial arguing, I sent the laser back to him, and he made me a new one at no additional charge! In fact, the laser he made me is even more powerful than the original one I ordered! I...
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    Will trade $75 American Eagle Gift Card for DX 50

    Hi i will send someone the code on my AE gift card. I also have an American Express gift card for 25 dollars, and will throw in the number of that for something.
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    I'll buy someone's Dx 30 for 25 dollars

    wow 113 views and no reply, is that like a new record?
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    I'll buy someone's Dx 30 for 25 dollars

    because I can't buy it cuz I'm using american express gift card :'(
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    I'm having some serious troubles here

    oh yeah I get what you are saying, yes this community is great, but my only major experience with someone within them has been terrible, and jake is completely clueless now about that laser. I tried many pairs of batteries, and he says that might be the problem, because high voltage batteries...
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    I'm having some serious troubles here

    Hi, I'm pretty new here, but have already had some big troubles with this community, after purchasing a laser. I recently spent $100 dollars in the form of visa gift card that I got for christmas on a laser from a user known as jake21. Jake is a good guy, not a scammer, and seems to invest a...
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    3 MXDL homebrew 650nm reds 170mw

    I'm interested, but this is my first time doing this, how would I pay you?
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    I have $100 dollars to buy a laser!

    wow you guys are nice and helpful, this is a great community. Just wondering if I did save up 20 bucks more, could I burn stuff with that 50 mw, and what constitutes a quality laser?
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    I have $100 dollars to buy a laser!

    so I am new to this place, but i know all about lasers, so I am just wondering what you guys would give me (I expect at least a 30 mW), but I'm just happy to put money in the laser economy.