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    hi, i'm new to LPF, and have been poking around for a few years looking for parts for my first build. I came across LPF, and was amazed at how big the community was, and how many knowledgeable people there were. I'm looking forward to learning about what you guys are posting, and your laser...
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    Any 1W laser diodes that I can run on 3.7V?

    Thank you!!!! i was thinking of using this diode, M140 445nm 2W Blue Laser Diode or any blue diode for that matter, but cant find a driver that gives off less than 5v, I can only find 5.5v drivers, would those work?
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    Any 1W laser diodes that I can run on 3.7V?

    Hey, i'm a new member, and don't know all that much about lasers. I was just wondering if there are any good blue laser diodes that would run off of an 18650 3.7V battery that you guys may know of? this is my first laser pointer build, and I have been looking everywhere but cannot seem to find...