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    Comment by 'Merpie101' in album 'Checking Out this Media thing...(editing title, test)'

    EPIC pictures, dude! (comment test :p)
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    What happend?

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    What happend?

    i actually started off using discord and came to LPF after some time. someone here made a laser server on discord, and i was active on both platforms until LPF went to shit
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    Videos from youtube you wish to share.

    omg RCB why you gotta be so paranoid chill
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    574nm 36 mW Yellow Laser

    Oooh a group buy, i might want in on this one :san:
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    A mix of photos

    damn those gifs look awesome dude! :gj:
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    Where were you on this day 1969???

    i wasnt even alive in 1969 :cryyy:
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    Built two new blue lasers today

    The 450nm build looks really nice! i really like the way the thick beam comes out almost perfectly out of the fancy cap on the top... Really well made! :gj:
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    New High Power Red VSHIO HL63283HD LD

    man i cant wait until we get these power levels with 650nm diodes. and not just c-mounts, like something that would fit nicely in a handheld would be great. ive been longing for a deeper red thats actually more than 200mw for the longest time lol! edit: 250 posts yay!
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    hello from StyroPyro's discord server

    ahh okay makes more sense now.
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    hello from StyroPyro's discord server

    isnt that kinda lowkey creepy though..?
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    hello from StyroPyro's discord server

    There he is! welcome to our lair my dude. have a look around and learn something cool! :)
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    RGB tail caps?

    this looks like something that would be in an adjustable rgb handheld :D
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    OMG.... The Earth is Flat...

    i thought flat earth was common knowledge though :na:
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    Sharp 488 VS Tiffany blue

    Man im excited to get myself one of these in the near future!!! ive been wanting 488nm-500nm for a really long time and its just now so much more accessible! excitied for new wavelengths! also really neat host, never seen much of anything quite like it.