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djing controllerism and laser


[COLOR=#47000C9]405nm c6 Stainless Steel polished S06J 545mw[/COLOR]
445nm c6 Stainless Steel polished m140 2010mw - 9mm diode Magic fire 3x18650 2670mw
473nm The Conical 473nm 95mw
520nm Sweet Green polished 113mw
532nm Powerful Crown upgrade green laser torch 513mw - C6 greeny 150mw
589nm CNI PGL-III-C >80mW
638nm c6 Stainless Steel polished ML501P73 839mw
650nm PL650- 1000mW
660nm LPC 826 cheap flashlight 312mw with G1
685nm powerlight B50 36mw
780nm powerlight B50 polished 197mw
808nm DIY Chrome Pen 250mw
lpm basic bluefan

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