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Have an associates degree in Electromechanical Engineering - Lasers.

Electrical Engineering at UC.

Really big into audio and audio equipment. Don't get me started about headphones, DACs, or amps.
Cincinnati, Ohio


190mW 650nm O-like "cute" torch: Review link
313mW Rayfoss FMK (IR Filtered). 113mW overspec :D
335mW 405nm O-like Blu-Ray: Review link: picture heavy.
1.0W DIY 445nm: needs a new lens currently...
LPF Thread Link,Photobucket link, Flickr link (hi-res)

Laserbee 2.5W USB LPM with data logging.
Crelant 7G5-V2 XM-L U2
Emisar D4SV2
Emisar D4
Sky Ray 9XT6 5000LM 5-mode Flashlight w/ Extension Tube
Citycat M6 Cree XM-L T6 900LM Flashlight (3-mode model with NW(2) color option)



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