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    Protection from rioters using lasers to blind

    I recommended the same one! I have 2 pairs of them and one for red lasers. I am horrified and appalled that most police have no laser protection that I have seen. I condemn the abuse of lasers I have seen in the most severe way. Totally unacceptable and reprehensible.
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    10 watt Green laser for $99

    No. Not even 1 watt for the price...much less...like 100mw...or below.
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    What laser has the best beam divergence?

    Solid state lasers do. Yag, ruby, etc. Best divergence. Epic made gas lasers are superior as well. Like solid state, thermally limited. Diode lasers are the worst by far...
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    So mad i could punch a baby

    Sorry OP. I have been there too...so much frustration.
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    Review of the Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer

    Congratulations on the epic new instrument. I cannot think of anyone more deserving! I too, remember the time before blue LED's existed. And visiting the LED museum on dial up. Now I have a cable modem and 2 flashlights over 5000 lumens, A BLF Q8 and a Sofirn Q8. Best wishes from a long time...
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    Review of the Directly-Injected 488nm Greenish-Blue Laser Pen

    This thread is GOLD for those wanting a cyan beam...for not too much money. I was enjoying mine earlier! My favorite color by far...and yes even at 66mw it etched my initials on my dark wood desktop...very faintly! Thanks again LED and happy 4th! I will definitely whip the class 4 lasers...
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    I just found this thread...epic. I have 3 PLE-Pro lasers from Jet laser. 2 are 1 watt 520nm and 1 465nm 3.8 watts+. Love the pictures! I have a beam expander from them too. I use 26650 cells in the blue laser!
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    Diode With 4+ Watts With Best Divergence?

    I have this laser and mine does 3.8 watts+. I bought the beam expander too for use with my 1 watt 520nm PLE-Pros. Highly recommended! The beam is beautiful. I still do not own a 445! I don't plan on it either. This laser has much worse divergence than the 1 watt 520 ones do. At long range it...
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    Review of the Directly-Injected 505nm Bluish-Green ("Mint Green") Laser Pen

    I have the same ones you have and also the unprotected ones... I have an Efest Luc-4 charger and a skyrc charger, which is fantastic. Either cell will be fine.
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    465nm 3.5W Pl-E Pro 3.5 stars

    I got one on sale for 199. I did not get the adapter, I use 26650 cells. Mine meters over 3.8 watts Via laserbee. The fast axis/slow axis characteristics make long range use ugly...it makes a line. The beam expander helps but the 520 nm 1 watt 520nm green PLE-Pro does much better. I use my...
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    Question about jet lasers ple mini 1 watt 520nm

    I know...weird right?
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    Question about jet lasers ple mini 1 watt 520nm

    I should add I am sorry you are in the hospital. I hope you get well soon. Best wishes fellow photonics enthusiast!
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    Question about jet lasers ple mini 1 watt 520nm

    I have never wanted one of the monster 445nm lasers because they were too scary for me. I went 465nm because it would look brighter than 445nm to my eye. Even so, 3.4 watts is serious power. I imagine that 7 watt monster is even more scary! On the upside, you are the king of burning! Enjoy...
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    Question about jet lasers ple mini 1 watt 520nm

    Epic! How do you like the 520nm? Epic beamage yes? I have a dark wood chair...and I scarred it last night. The huge volume of smoke in about a 1/4 second was hilarious. I have seen the flame too...and it self extinguished...thank God. I have a cover on one of my big ham radios. It has...
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    Question about jet lasers ple mini 1 watt 520nm

    Folgers does not sell metal cans where I live. They are all plastic. The lid is easily defeated! Burning all the way through the red plastic sides is more difficult. My 3.4w beast did it so fast other stuff in the background got drilled too! OOPS!