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justin07 09-15-2007 06:48 AM

mini mag style flashlight
well i went to harbor freight a few months ago looking to buy a mini mag for the mini mag laser but all they had in stock was a gordon double A mini mag style flashlight so i bought it for like 5 or 6 bucks but any ways soon after i realized that u would need resistors or it would blow the diode so i decided to take it apart so this is kinda a tut to add a resistor that wont get in the way at all and sorry for the mostly crappy pictures

ok this is the light took apart mostly the thing sticking out is like a wedge holds it together there was a cap like on it but i broke it off =/ i had to force it out using a screen driver form the bottom and a needle nose pliers

after you pull it out you get this which just pulls apart in 2 with a few pieces inside lol
also the little tab on the top is your positive and the 1 below the white button is your negative

after you open it you get this

now pull the parts out you see missing lol

now fold a resistor like this close as possible

gotta wiggle the resistor around but u can get it in with plenty of room

this piece here you need to take out the middle bar that you will see missing in the next pic

the black lines are a rough estimate were to solider and on the 1 to the right id try and get it under the plate thingie for room u should be fine but also a little bit of glue or something to hole the p late things we cut in half in last thing your going to want to make sure the leads from the resistor touch the negative

after that put it all back together and ill try and complete asap its kinda late and iam tired lol
also ignore the image does not exist

justin07 09-15-2007 07:55 PM

Re: mini mag style flashlight
iam going to try and make a laser out of it soon as i get time and iam trying to see if its possible to add a capacitor some were and if i can get 1 small enough

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