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Hi I am new to the Forum and looking for a hand in selling a LaserGlow pre-ban, portable, avg output 642mW, Hurcules 550. I am the original owner with all paperwork from the manufacturer. Would one of LPF staff be willing to help me coordinate a transaction, in return for a donation to the site.
Thanks, RRMerlin
Finally, After so many interruptions I have the diode. Some soldering still on but at least I have it by itself.
Yep, here recently I'm in and out a bit here and there.
Unown (WILD)
Wow man it's been awhile. It's Jay Caruso. I was recently unbanned
Looking for a high power laser
I live in east Tennessee
I am over 21
Yes I have eye protection
OK I missed that-- TY for posing that.
We have members in your state.
If you put Tenn. in a intro thread (in welcome)you will get greets from others near you. You wont be able to post in BS&T until you have some other posts.
That is done because spammers generally will not spam us if they must have other posts.

YEAH = you got robbed unless he refunds asap--
also if he does send the laser, as Alaskan wrote--he does not know how to pack...hope it works out for you..hak
I'm looking for a handheld host that will incorporate a NUBM08 Laser Diode PCB Driver and NUBM08 4.75W Diode with a ball lens. Interested in any that will work. Link to picture NUBM08 Laser Diode PCB Driver – BeamQus and size is 22mm diameter. Thank you for your time.
Sounds like a custom heatsink fit for module plus driver mount. But I have been out of the hobby for some time and not doing any new custom. Just my Mag kits. (basic Mag kits and also Maglite flashlight mods)

Sorry about that.
Thats ok appreciate the help
WELCOME (I think) putting a location into your profile would be wise.
btw... do you have more than one account here???? not allowed!
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Okay I will do. And no I do not have more than one account. This is my first time joining. I am trying to contact trinh hong phuoc for a laser I want to buy a laser from him soon as possible.
Hi! I have messaged you on Facebook about a laser and you didn’t reply back. You should check your request on Facebook to find my message. I’m trying to message you on here if you see it.

I want to buy a 1.4W 525nm green laser please. Can you please get back to me soon as possible. I’m interested to buy from you and give me the prices of laser. Looking forward back to your reply.
I have already pick the best host ! A very nice titanium host! 24cm long with a light up green switch. 1.6W 525nm and G2 lens it can go up to 1.7W. Good price for $250.

May I ask what do you think of tung lasers ? Do you think his laser builds are good quality ? And the diodes and drivers are good ?
And what do you mean BSL section ? Where do I find this ? Can you guide me through it because this is the first time me joining on laser pointer forums I’m new here
BST -BUY SELL TRADE. just a typo
advice concerning safety.
Eyes are worth more than 'affordable but not bank breakers' I am refraining from being a smart-ass --but safety here is # 1.--instead suggest buying form a great a member here at "survival Laser'
Want a good LPM- we got you covered.
some might say --well if you lose one eye --you have the other eye.....SO then be even more careful..
size limit at this convo size - sending rest soon'
aha they count spaces same as letters

post #2 has important (TO YOU) info-you will thank me later-several choices there^^ but for sure get (free) 'Photonics Spectra'
I put safety for my biz and used my Initials with Enterprises as name- also it can be had on-line
in older lssues - aritcle on trends and new cos.- industry is predicted to increase by 85 billion$$ in5years. uget phonebook size 'catalog' names of co. (in photonics) cross referenced)- by state -what they do by name- links where to apply-etc good pay too - wish were yr age too late for me -new career- Id apply 4 one in Hawaii-new laser related are filed every day (average)-- look at the on-line issues
size limits here are 420 letters'--go to email
wanna meet up with Greg 'Displaser' and a few others==LASER lunch on a sat. or Sun. MYB pappasitos..-I will bring a meter.len-979 373 7520
looking like that a lunch meet may not be do-able right now..
with the new lock-down going on only places with outdoor seating will be serving- and I think those tables are reserved. len
HBD Alex!! :)