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AND shipping
this table has no legs so mo $$
Holy crap no its not that heavy duty ! lol that things huge mine I can pick up by myself no forklift needed lol. I have been meaning to get pics up but let me see if I can find a tape measure here and i'll get you some measurements ...Ok its 26"x12"x1" and its got a sheetmetal cover that attaches over it thats 6" high and all black as well and holes and pegs all over the place on the board itself .
never mind ecap hipped me..

Do you recall a recent post-they sais they had no clue on lasers and was given a big pile of parts,, had them in the garage-would tke pics later and post them??
wrote that he wondered about putting the parts on a 'huge ally plate' I am betting it was an, or top to an 'optical work bench space( 1/4inch holes threaded and 1 inch part.)..
see pt 2
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2) these are super expensive I have a small piece must weight 4 or 5 pounds--about 3/4 inch thick I had to talk the seller down from $30 --eneded costing me IIRC about 7 $--it was in the closing minutes of the BS&T stuff on last day-- best time for best deals there (SELEM)
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least expensive for us.
I mail you a bank check or USPS MO
just hold the laser until everything clears

POOPAL has gotten WAY too much $ from us.
sorry to be taken advantage of you--hope everything gets better and all your F&F are safe--

my GEE MALE is bridgeonsale
I am still learning this new (BUT NOT better) OS so this may be a PM or not idunno

send me what I need there OKay?? thanks.

Hi friends i be back to laser soon we bin working on the house since 2018 and finely its done upstairs in 19 days carpet installation and i will start to build new lasers post pics and be active a lot :)
THERE is a nut using your username but spells it with a cap' B'

I promise to keep this build to myself--- will miss you & all in Aug.

guess it was a 'go big or go away' moment for you..lol congrats--len
Hi Len! Just noticed your post on my profile - guess I missed it earlier. I've had this account for quite a while but I just don't post all that much. I had to share the hand-held build though, both because I knew the folks here wold appreciate it and also to thank Rich for his fast work to modify the host. And yeah, it sucks that there won't be a SELEM this year, but 2021 should be awesome! :)
welcome-- we have some great members in your state.
I am forum rep for JETLASERS- done 10 group buys of 10 to 20 lasers each.
I have a GB going on but may take a while and I have fear of our order have probs coming from China.
I have a nice one here I am selling for JK.
I saw a member mention zapping unwanted aquaium pests.
THIS one would be the best choice as it is the most powerful laser for sale.
paIF YOU look at members 'sigs' you will find that very many members owe one or more.. feel free to as anyone anything about JL and my dealings.

here is a link (i THINK)
black10X Beam Expander

split messg
see part 2rt 2
go to jetlasers--find 450 445 blue Pro Pk-E click 5 W and add Bean Expander.. big discount on just this one..
Yo how's it going been looking for a kicks ass burning laser for a while. Tired of being disappointed with overseas crap. What do you recommend or can build?
Keith Bluefion330. keithbarnett@cox.net 858-342-3455
Hi Sergi,
I can do 2X18350 host 1W+ G2 lens in a 501B host. total 105.00 US + priority shipping. I would need to find out the cost of shipping to Spain for a grand total.
I would need your address to confirm shipping cost to Spain.
So hey yall I'm trying to remove this diode and asking for some advice on how go remove it without damaging the diode or Crystal's. The driver board got disconnected and I want to reconnect it.