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Hi Sergi,
I can do 2X18350 host 1W+ G2 lens in a 501B host. total 105.00 US + priority shipping. I would need to find out the cost of shipping to Spain for a grand total.
I would need your address to confirm shipping cost to Spain.
So hey yall I'm trying to remove this diode and asking for some advice on how go remove it without damaging the diode or Crystal's. The driver board got disconnected and I want to reconnect it.
Are you still doing Phasers? Ever since I saw your post years ago I've wanted one. I was thinking today how cool it would be to light fireworks with a Star Trek phaser so I looked you up.

Please say yes :)

It would really make my year.
messg coming.
look for "Feeler for''..... in GB section.for my latest GB about to end soon.
BUT you may want to buy from the thread I am about to post .
look for it--make offers-- he deserves our help
"Selling some of my ....'' by M.K.


plz buy from him--thanks

I ma not sue that posing here is the same as our old forum PMs. IMO we lost a lot of features when the forum went to this one.
I think the changes hurt LPF.. & may be part of the reason why LPF has gone 'downhill'

it WOULD have been nice if we had gotten some kind of warning-- I lost a lot of pics and more-email coming next--
I have a degree in physics I earned in 1966!!! I had a lasers class and we all wondered what they could be used for, if anything !!! I think of that thought often. I actually started being interested in a laser by my neighbor as a way to deter crows from killing the birds in our nrighborhood.
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DANG! you are older than me...anyone thinking there are few lasers that 'DO' something (even back in te day) was wrong.. .. new patents for laser devices are filed EVERYDAY.
(not say'in ' that was you btw)
I majored in Photography in 1970 (Kent State U [ohio])

wanna buy some Nikons??
with this new forum--I am wondering if
'conversations' are the same as PMs
I need to tell you something wonderful.
May I make a suggestion?
go to the 'welcome' section and read some posts-- we like all to read an introduction AND have the place where you live in the title and put that into your profile as well- hands-on help is awesome--we have meters and will check yours free. hak in TExas USA