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how much do you want for the host with the fan built in?
That build has the NUBM44 V5 diode in it and reads on the LPM at 6700mW's . The fan keeps the driver and diodes Cool from the heat and moves the air around inside the sink.
I marked the new build down to 200.00 + Priority shipping 8.30 2/3 day delivery US
Wow thats a really good price... I really do like that laser,...Im gonna think about it over night and I will let you know tomorrow, .Well thank you for the quick response and you will be hearing from me tomorrow. Again, thank you and stay covid free....
friendly heads up

The forum has set the limit of posts at ONE at a time.
you have 3 in a row instead of clicking 'edit' of course you will use copy then paste then dele--put both #6 and #7 into #5. No need to do this if another has posted OR if it is a For Sale THread which often gets 'bumped' so it will not get buried..

Len in TEXAS---where are you?
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I understand that other forums pay no attention to doubles-- but here we do-- this started long before I joined..10 + years ago..
no big deal--welcome to the madhouse...
this is a friendly/family forum.
we have 'each other backs'
Most make an intro thread in WELCOME SECTION-if you put your general location it would increase your chances of meeting member to share lasers or MYB use another's meter to measure yr collection any time for free-and if there is a LEM going to happen you would get invited- search SELEM Laser.

Len in S Texas
About a dozen LEMs happen world wide everey year-- SELEM is oldest-biggest and best USA LEM.
( I have been to 5 SELEMs-- 17 hr drive so...)
where are you---i am from Lake Cable (Canton)
check the dates and see when these guys were here--this thread started in 2013.
since then the cost now is very low- you can buy a R,G and V for what was paid for the green in the OP.

see pt 2
If you want to 'invest' I sell awesome LPMs that can later be sold later for 90% of the original cost
the $100 version goes up to 2000mW-- the $180 meters up to almost 20W (20,000mW)
take care buckeye-- hope you and friends/family are safe. Len
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you & I might be the only two in this thread who are still active here--BUT you did not necro on this one--its still very relavent. & it seems as they often die (from overheat or dropping in most cases imo)
search this
Leslie Wright Xray artist-
learned of him by Dr Sam-- Les was one of the first to extract our beloved 405 diodes,, he made a 'how-to' vid for us--(TY LW & Dr Sam.)

len (texas)
I also placed rooks around house using just a cart and shovel 16tons by hand all and dig 2feet outside all around house all by my self i have pics lol the way i bin working huh :)
Will be back to laser's soon still renovating almost done i pulled all plaster out from 1 hallway and i room this room will be my computer room and laser room i did all the wiring and installing smart switches and so on and a fan to pull dust out i have a contractor is doing sheetrock and taping next carpet for 4 rooms up and 1 hallway and stairs and i will be back to lasers miss the page !
Hi. Someone on this site recommended me to you. I'm looking to purchase a 1000mw green laser pointer. So I basically want a green laser which the beam can travel a great distance. Will you be willing to help me?