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It has been nice to see you back here. I have been wondering how you've been doing. I hope things are going well for you.
Hello again, s there a way to take a look at your hosts and after choosing one how do how do I tell you which one I'm interested in , is it by color ? Also where do the hosts ship from ?
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, when you get a chance could you answer the 3 questions I have.
I am a new member from Holland that is looking for some help with an upcoming experiment we are organizing that involves a laser test. Looking for info here and are ready to buy the laser and other accesoires we need . Thanks !
Hi Brendon i am looking for a long distance green laser with at least a 10 times beam expander . It has to reach 5 kilometer with a beam spot no bigger than 1 meter . Can you help ? Regards , Ruud
Hi i have been looking on laser pointer forums and found a post u have a 473nm nichia aquamarine laser diode would u be intrested in selling me this diode i will give u a good price thanx :)
Someone tell me that you work for sanwulasers, i just claimed warranty for 7 watt blue striker, and i decide and tell them not to send me again blue laser, and then the send back red laser module and it is on shipping process, just wanna know what kind of red laser they have send to me
Hello. Name is Ken from Mass. I`ve visited this forum a few times, and see there is a wealth of hands on knowledge here. I have a number of medium quality laser pointers and would like to get a few quality Sanwu lasers in the very near future. I was a pro photographer for over 45 yrs and now that i`m retired, I spend a lot of my time photographing nature from my kayak.
B&W, Color, B&W IR 830nm, and night sky