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PLZ finish your profile- we need more info before we can realLy help you.
Hey Woody....You sure are spending alot'a time on LPF lately ….HAHAHAHA....Me too !!! Seems as if new diodes and other stuff pops up here first !!! PL is still viable....but seems a bit stale !! I really think Modulaser is Da'Schizz !!!! I still have SOOOOoooo many projects going.....CRAZY !!!......Bob
Yeah LPF always the first with new diodes. PL slow, no new projects over there. I will post something i discovered soon. I will give you a teaser... I have combined the three beam red diode into one overlapped beam.
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. ?????????????? .....THAT is a TEASE !!! You DOG !!! I gave a brief think on that...and decided I was TOOOoooo lazy to try to do !!! HAHAHA !!!!.....Knife Edge....OR....B/B/B.....Beam on Beam on Beam !!!! ???????????????????????? Later, Bob
There is something wrong with your site. "Add to cart" goes straight to paypal, and it will only let me order one thing at a time. I want a laser AND a driver.
plz make an 'intro' and post in the welcome section-
also location needs to be in your profile..TY
\put location in intro title.

don't just be another 'hit n run' member. Hak in TEXAS
Podo, can the Challenger II be had with a smooth body host (Like the silver) ?
Hello Zippersnapper, our silver laser(smooth housing) is basically the challenger II with smooth body if you remove one of its battery extension tube.
8 cells 18650 or 2 pcs 4 cell 18650--power packs.& get my batts free--. EZ plug/ unplug and recharging built in.. so about 14 vdc to use for laser and fan. had AC plug- got 2 from AixiZ housecleaning--one still works.
I'll take pics & show you optics I got w/o info.. I need to use any that work for me and sell the rest--lots of mounts too.
The 'OPT" laser you use ?? in Poland?
or UK?

-the one in China owes me two pcs yellow and orange mini lab lasers-- wants to refund me w/ products.
yeah-- they don't make optics like Opt does.. not cheap either.
going dual may be more than I can handle- I want to use active cooling--fan at first --TEC only if needed. I will run them lower than you do.
I have both 8 cells 18650 or 2 pcs 4 cell 18650--
I use the one I Poland but I've just purchased optics from them. Running lower is a good idea. I am finding that if I run them at 80% power I get very good burning and not a lot of heat. All the way is too much -- they just get hot fast and don't put out much more power.
How much are you willing to pay for Titan?
Make me an offer
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I don't know if I could ever use it, not sure what it's function is, so that means I can't pay much at all. You would be better off listing it on ebay, someone there might know what it is, or need it for a replacement in their own system and pay what it is worth.
Try this for working with Copper.
Mike-O-Cut #87 Cutting Fluid
Makes working with Copper like working with Aluminum, Just GREAT !try it !
I really hated working with CU....NOW....All good....tapping 4mm hole....still go slow....but....NO SNAPPED TAPS !!!!!
Good Luck !!! Also....beautiful hosts.

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Thanks bob! :)
Nice, if I ever get settled in somewhere for the long haul, I'd sure like to try some machining myself.
Hmmmmm...I am interested.....in TWO (2).....if you have another member that wants 2....well....there we go !!! Are these Ball lens ?????
Thanx, Bob / CDBEAM
I might be! I just would like to know the lens options as well.
Hey mate, hows your GoldWing project is going? 😄
Really good, took it up to Mamouth and June lakes yesterday. Had such a great time. How’s everything in your neck of the woods ?
Everything's good over here :)
Thanks for asking
We are looking to purchase 30 units of the FX-103C-3 or its replacement FXQ-1302-3 Flash ARC Lamp
Can you please help me with this?