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you might be a laser enthusiast if...


New member
Sep 12, 2007
You just might be know you are a laser enthusiast if...

(Some of these aren't by me.)

1. When you go to children's parties, people ask you not to participate in the balloon popping contests.

2. When people want you to light their smokes, they expect you to whip out one of those flashlight-like lasers.

3. You build a laser-armed robot that defends you from water balloon attacks, similar to a miniature MTHEL.

4. You are legally prohibited from visiting exhibits that involve balloon sculptures.

5. Film companies always ask you for advice when they want special effects that involve lasers.

6. You complain to film makers that those "lasers" in their sci-fi movies aren't true lasers.

7. You write to those balloon fetish "pr0n" sites and suggest that they give their models some high-powered lasers and goggles.

8. When someone mentions the word Watts, an image of a carbon dioxide laser appears in your head.

9. "Lasermania" is your favorite level in The Incredible Machine 3.

10. You wear laser goggles instead of sunglasses.

11. You know that people "just don't understand" why you spend so many dollars on lasers.

12. A girl on the beach walks towards you and it's the balloon that you look at.

13. You've dreamed about lasers. [guilty]

14. You start despising full moons. [guilty]

15. You've set off the smoke detector due to lighting too many matches.

16. You scavenge electronics dumps for broken DVD burners, hoping that their diodes still work.

17. You keep a laser next to your bed. [guilty]

18. You have at least one laser company's phone on your speed-dial.

19. You make up the poem "Roses are red, violets are blue, so are my lasers, too!" [guilty]

20. Said poem is actually true.

21. You have a laser-related site as your home page.

22. Someone gives you a pen and you look for the switch.

23. You think that the laser scanner at the store is better than nothing in terms of laser shows.

24. You take batteries from remotes and clocks (or your brother's Nintendo DS) to power your lasers.

25. You look at any color and can determine its wavelength.

26. You embezzle from your school's treasury in order to that blue lab laser.

27. You don't know why you were just arrested.

28. You've stayed up to 5:00 AM reading laser-related forums. [guilty]

29. You've snuck on the Internet to view laser-related forums, even though you're supposed to be doing homework. [guilty]

30. You become depressed whenever a laser-related forum suffers a downtime. [guilty]

31. You get an A+ in any class related to optics and photonics, but fail everything else.

32. When fans of Disney parks are talking about how Princess Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty) rarely appears in blue, you think they're talking about a laser. After all, blue is a rare color for lasers, and "Aurora" would make a good name for a future laser product, IMO. (Funny thing, Dragon Lasers now has a line of blue lasers called the Aurora series.)

33. When people mention the name Aurora, you think they're talking about Dragon Lasers' blue lasers.

34. You memorize every single line from Real Genius.

35. When you notice that the bathroom is full of steam from the shower you took, you run to your room to grab a laser, even though you're all wet, have no clothes on, and that it's really cold. [guilty]

36. You read optics-related catalogs while on the toilet.

37. In class, you pay more attention to the professor's laser pointer than the actual lecture. [guilty]

38. When someone says "Nexus," you think they're talking about either the 95mw laser or "Steve" from Wicked Lasers, whereas it could also have many different meanings.

39. You try to play limbo with a lab laser, even though it's incredibly dangerous.

40. You become the world champion of Khet.

41. You try to find an algorithm to mathematically solve Khet.

42. You know that the Death Star has a 1E38 W laser, but it has a duty cycle of 1 second on and 1 day off.

43. You know that Death Star II has a 1E29 W laser and a an improved duty cycle due to its new planet-sized heatsink.


New member
May 4, 2007
44. You have small blind spots all over your vision.

44. You've become accustomed to navigating with little or no vision.

45. You've got bookmarks on your computer to every laser related site on the internet and never go to see them until someone mentions something, then you look for hours to find the right site.

46. no matter how many times you've done it, you have to burn your arm one more time to see if your laser can still do it~ [smiley=cheesy.gif]

47. your phone has more laser enthusiasts in it that people around town you could spend time with.


New member
May 25, 2007
ok, so what's the next level down form enthusiast? I'm only builty of dreaming about them (though I've wished I had my laser at times when I've seen the most hideous, aweful balloons. well that and the fact nobody I know understands me spending so much money on "colored light"......

Provided you could do it safely, laser-limbo would be an interesting party game! lol if only the 5mw pointers could do that, but it would have to be dark for even a greenie to be visible.