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Yet another new user.


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Jul 17, 2012
Hi All,

As it seems to be the rule here before asking questions, I'm introducing myself:
I'm a 49 years old guy from France.

I started working (playing) with lasers in 1989 (on something called "Pulsolith") but as I was specifically involved in software, I just had the oppotunity to see and sometimes use these machines. I didn't conceive or build them. So I'm no laser specialist.

I only kept a 0.95 mW HeNe red from that epoch.

Then last year I discoved DealExtreme and bought a green pointer.
And I can't explain why but I recently felt the need for more:

250 mW red from (n)olike
1000 mW blue from (n)olike
and 400 mW PL-D Pro green from JetLasers

Oh, I forgot to add : safety goggles EP1 for 190-540nm & 800-2000nm (Blue, Green, Infrared (IR) and Blu-ray Lasers) and a lighter orange pair that came with my latest green.

I've some doubts about what these things give and I'll ask a few questions later in the appropriate forum.

Thx for reading.
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Dec 24, 2007

Nice to see a county neighbor. You are bitten by the laser bug and now you want more and more lasers :D

Please take time to read the Terms of Use, especially the Rules & Stickies, Welcome and Safety & Legal Issues forums

Do take the effort to carefully follow the LPF Search, Introduction, and Tips and use these search features liberally before posting (asking questions that are easily found by search, research, and reading without taking the effort to do so on your own may draw swift & negative responses :spank:).

And browse the Buy, Sell, & Trade :drool: to become acquainted with the builders that have worked to develop solid reputations.

If you become interested in buying anything on the forum then be sure to read the 6 Steps To Prevent You From Getting Scammed :cryyy:

Also of interest may be the 39 Reasons NOT to Buy From Wicked Lasers :tsk:

Get Some Safety Goggles Now! – Your Eyesight is Not Optional! Hit in eye with 1000mw 445nm blue laser :eek:

If your experience here is rewarding and enjoyable then seriously consider giving back by way of Donating to LPF. LPF is provided free of charge but every donation is very much appreciated and helps defray the inherent overhead operating costs. :beer:

Now just sit back, relax, read, learn, buy, build, and contribute, where in no time at you will find that you have become a laser pointer addict just like the rest of us. :D

Laser Smith

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May 24, 2012
Completely understandable, it's one of the most addictive hobbies out there, and sounds like you're hooked so you're in it for the long haul :eg:


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Sep 20, 2008
to the Forum....
Don't forget to read the FAQs...the Stickies
and the Forum Rules..

If you plan on buying anything on the Forum....
PLEASE read this first...

6 Steps To Prevent You From Getting Scammed

and PLEASE don't forget to read to this....

39 Reasons NOT to Buy From Wicked Lasers

If you do get a Laser or already have one be sure
to get appropriate Laser Safety Goggles/Glasses...

Get Some Safety Goggles Now!

Enjoy your stay...


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