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y helo thar


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Jul 19, 2008
I suppose i should introduce myself, ive been here for a month today, but i havent posted a hello topic yet.

The name is Omega, if you wish, call me Ian, but that doesnt sound quite as neat :p

16 years under my belt, computer nerd and proud of it. Computers are essentially my life, spend the majority of my day on my homebuilt rig.

I have an issue with discovering too many hobbies, and lasers is the latest one. Past discoveries and addictions include Legos, Pixel Art, 3D CGI, Photoshop(not my good work, most of that is really old), Flash, and other random things. To this day i maintain just about all of those interests, and would be glad to help anyone out with any of them.

I currently only own one of those 5 dollar keychain lasers, but im gathering all the supplies and getting ready to make a 803T laser.

Im generally a kind, outgoing, and helpful guy, but i have a horrible habit of sarcasim :)

This place has quite a few characters that ive grown to like, i hope to be around as much as possible.