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WTB: Specific LCD (and pump).


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Nov 22, 2008
Hi guys,
I realise this may not be the best place to ask but I'm guessing a few of you will have contacts and places in the electronics industry, or have the knowledge to be able to point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a replacement camera LCD, model "AM311AKAA" from Sony, or a pin (ribbon) compatible equivalent.

This is the most similar LCD I've been able to find: ÊÖ»úÏÔʾÆÁ-¹©Ó¦ACX317AKN-7ÊÖ»úÏÔʾÆÁ (ͼ)-ACX317AKN-7...
The picture there is identical to what I have (except for the snap-on backlight of mine, which is working. There are several text-based mentions of the other model number, and one alibaba=style listing too.

I found that one based on a sticker on the ribbon wire which reads:


The camera isn't worth a huge amount, but if I can repair it for cheap then it seems a waste not to.

Alternatively, if anyone has a broken Fujifilm camera whose LCD is in working order and is similar (Mine is an FinePix M603), then I'd potentially be interested in buying.

(Side note: Same deal for a:

shinlef micro pump china
model nme2 type 33dsb
220-240v 50hz
16w ed100% cl.f
ce date 07/07

to repair a smoke machine.

Not so vital since I think I have a lead on one, but again, if you have one or know of a good source then I'd be interested).