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WTB: A red, a green & a BluRay module already heatsinked & w/ driver


New member
Jan 21, 2010
As a part of a school project, i'm building a three-peice laser lightshow consisting of a liquid sky projector, a three-motor spirograph and something of my own design in which the beam of a laser is passed through two rotating diffraction gratings.

But i don't trust myself soldering to diodes, and don't want to have to pay for all the bits seperately. Would anyone be willing to construct for me, a red (ideally around 30-50mW, but i'll settle for less if it's a matter of either 5mW or paying for a 200mW), a green (30-50mW) and a BluRay (again, ideally 30-50 but i'll settle for less) heatsinked with the collimating lenses and drivers.
And if so, how much would people charge for all this?