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Would I be able to use this as a host?


Mar 23, 2013
So I was digging around in some of my drawers to look for stuff that I might be able to sell and a came across an old Guideseman 3xAAA focusable 4-mode flashlight. I was wondering if it would be possible to use it as a host for a 5-25mW green laser while still being able to use the focusable head to focus the laser (if that's not possible it's fine), and how I would go about doing this. I've never built a laser before, so I have no idea how any of this works. :/

I really like the look of the flashlight, but I use my phone as my flashlight 99% of the time, so I decided it would be smart to turn it into something I would actually use, and this way I don't have to shell out extra cash for a host :D

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if the photos aren't the best, I use my phone for that too :p

Update: I would be fine with a 405nm 25-50mW build if a green isn't possible/too difficult, but I would prefer the green.

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