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Wicked Lasers 15mw Classic ROX !!



Well, the verdict is in ! I ordered (with loooootsa Wicked Bucks) a spare set of goggles for the young 'un, and two Sonar bodies, and a 15mw Classic from Wicked Lasers on Saturday. Everything came in today ! The 15mw Classic checked in at a healthy 20.8mw on freshly charged 1000mah NiMh's, and that ROX !

The Sonar cases....Hmmmmm I certainly hope they "fix up" the Sonar cases prior to building them, and selling for $2000. The aperature hole looks like someone took a knife to carve it out ! Have any of you actually done that in hard plastic before ? you kinda twirl the blade around until the hole is just about right...it leaves jagged "skip" marks all ofer the place in the hole, right ? Well, that is how these look ! But, then again, for $49.99 what do you expect, eh ? LOL !!! Well, okay - they look a little rough finished due to that part of it, but the rest of the case is okay. AND every laser ships with a pair of lasershades now - how Effin cool is that ? I think that is pretty cool ! ;D So now, I have effectively replaced my Sport Elite shades - that, although nice looking were a little awkward when wearing glasses as I have to do - these fit decently - UNDER the glasses. The temple pieces are way too short for what I consider a normal sized cranium ! LOL Okay, so lots of brains, or SOMETHING up there, anywho - overall, extremely satisfied with my order, start to finish. Highly recommend ANYTHING you can get for free from Wicked ! Oh, I left out about the bumper sticker ! HAHAHA They sent a bumper sticker that says, " 0 to 185,999.998 miles in one second www.wickedlasers.com
And a little pamphlet outlining all the products they sell, that the ending statement is this : "There's no turning back. You're one of us now. Peace and enjoy your laser." with Steve's autograph on it ! Niiiiiiiiice.....I feel like the BORG just conquered me or something ! HAHAHAHAHA Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated !

Oct 24, 2006
20.8mW? Aw, you got an underpower one!

The 15mW ones I've gotten have usually been a lot more powerful than 15mW. Two easily topped 60mW, and two others easily topped 35mW. I don't think I've ever had a WL 15mW that couldn't beat 25mW. Poor Senkat ;D


So WL can do the business???? Like hell can they thats why all their loyal sheep have come here with new accounts!!!!!!!!! In my world you get what you pay for!!!!  :mad: But WL have loads of crap for overpriced dreams. Why did the old Spyder default to a lesser being??



Poor SenKat ? Naw - I got more than I bargained for - and it was all Wicked bucks, so I am a happy camper ! I may try my luck with some more of them after more vids get uploaded....muahahahahaha ! ::)


Hey Timelord!

Look man...we all know you're the moderator who has access to the records of who registers and when. No need to crap all over Senkat's thread just to flaunt it.

Arrogance you do very well, and with style. Conceit... no, comes off looking pretty ill.

No disrespect intended dude, and you're right, this forum looks strong by comparison now.

EDIT: Senkat, that's interesting about the Sonar cases. Can you post a close-up of the aperature hole? My own machine work often looks like it was done by a drunk third-grader, so I can relate to whoever does WL's!


Placebo - sure thing, man - I'll see if I can get this damned Macro mode to work or not...I haven't had much luck thus far, but who knows ?!?!? I seem to have better lusk with the vids, so it may have to be in video format, but I will give it a shot !