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What laser safety glasses for 405nm ebay laser?

Oct 15, 2020
I bought the blue "gatling" style 405nm laser on ebay, and wanted to get safety goggles before using it. I am considering three pairs from survival lasers, but I am not sure which to get. Either the 190-540nm standards, the 190-540nm+900-1700nm, or the 190-540nm+800-2000nm. I know that most green ebay lasers emit plenty of unfiltered infrared, and I want to make sure I don't damage my eyes. Also, if the laser does emit IR, would it be 900-1700nm or 800-2000nm? It seems like a very slight difference, but there are two different goggles and the 800-2000nm ones are more expensive.

Jim H

Aug 8, 2020
405 doesn't emit any IR as it isn't a DPSS laser, so any of those would work just fine. Generally the IR is a very small percentage of the emitted light, but if you are really worried, the 800-2000 would block both wavelengths. The 808 isn't in a parallel beam, and spreads, but the 1064 is in line with the 532 beam. If I had a high powered 532, and was worried about the IR, I personally would get the 900-1700 blocking. But that is my personal choice...


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Jul 10, 2015
You want a good pair of laser safety glasses that also let you see reasonably well in normal conditions so I would go with one of these linked below ( 50% visible light transmission ) for protection from 405nm, if you wear reading glasses or RX glasses get the over the glasses pair so you can wear your reading/RX and the attenuation glasses together.
Beware that glasses can let you glimpse the termination/spot through the gap at the bridge of your nose or from the side when your head is turned so keep that in mind, otherwise invest in some face seal type laser safety goggles.

If you are worried about 1064nm leakage from your 532nm dpss modules you can get the darker pair that covers that range as well but you will not be able to see as well in normal light..........I would get both that way you can see better when not concerned about 1064nm.

These only give you 20% visible light transmission but also cover your 1064nm

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