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Apr 2, 2009
For those of you who do not know already how to 'spiff' up your posts. Here is a simple 'how to' provided to me by Greenmechnic. Easy to do and makes posts much easier to read. thanks Mark!!!

When you are posting on this forum make sure you are in advanced mode.
Look at bottom of the posting box, under the smiley's and if it says
Go Advanced, then click on it.
When typing a post here, paste img. code where you want the picture to be at in your post.

As far as changing fonts and
colors ,

At top of the posting box you will see the large blue A, click arrow on right side. That will open color pallet. Highlight the words/letters that you want to change color. Click the color you want on the color palette. You will see the HTML code appear around your word(s) The same goes for the size of the letters and the fonts. Click on boxes at top that say Fonts or Sizes
Drop down boxes will let you choose what you want.

To start a new paragraph, just hit enter twice and that will skip a line and drop the next paragraph down.