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Welcome folks!


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Nov 28, 2012
Hello laser enthusiasts!
My name is Kees, I'm from Holland and I love the whole lasertechnology. :yh:
I've already red a lot on this forum and it all seems great. One year ago I bought my first cheap-china green laser from priceangels, I still have it, and it provides 50mw. I never looked into the beam (offcourse) but I know the danger. I don't have goggles.. :yabbem:

I'm planning to build my own strong 445nm laser, so today I ordered some parts @ DTR on ebay (m140 diode, driver etc), and before I did that, I ordered safety glasses. :beer:

I will post my custom build when I have time and when I have everything delivered.

Sorry for my bad English

Greetz, Kees (the Netherlands)


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Sep 20, 2008
Your English is fine.....

to the Forum....
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PLEASE read this first...

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If you do get a Laser or already have one be sure
to get appropriate Laser Safety Goggles/Glasses...

Get Some Safety Goggles Now!

Don't forget to put your location in your Sig if you
haven't yet done so. This way we know where you
are from.

Enjoy your stay...

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