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Visions from 2001: Saturn and Beyond the Infinite


Feb 25, 2009
One of the science-fiction novels I read as a kid was "2001: A Space Odyssey". As I read that for the first time, I could see in my mind the astonishing imagery of the inside of Jupiter being filmed by a probe, of the moons of Saturn, of the TMA-2 monolith on the surface of Iapetus, of the Grand Central Station artificial world with thousands of monoliths, of the red giant with a derelict alien space station orbiting it...
When I finally saw the movie, I was extremely disappointed to discover that none of those scenes had been shot. For years I have wondered how they would look like on a screen, until I finally decided to bring them to the screen myself, through CGI. Now, for the first time, you will be able to see those environments with your eyes, instead of just with your mind!

This is the first video in a mini webseries made by me: "Visions from 2001". The title of this video is "Saturn and Beyond the Infinite".
Be sure to watch it in full screen and in HD!

And if you want to explore those environments to pretend you are David Bowman yourself, I have even made VRML worlds out of them:
Visions from 2001
On the bottom of that page, you'll also find a button to like my Facebook page. Be sure to do so, to be immediately informed whenever I release something new.
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