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Viasho 500mW Review

Jan 18, 2010
Early this week I received a standard Viasho 500mW portable unit from Jack (Optotronics) with a rating at 500mW peak power. Decided to put together a short little review on it since there is not too many reviews on standard Viashos here.

Out of the box very well protected with no scratches of any kind. However, the only flaw i've found so far is the shutter. When the slider is fully extended to open up the shutter, it goes a bit too far ahead and cuts off about 5-10% of the beam causing a little flare. This was simply fixed by unscrewing the top cap and and removing the 4 screws and ball bearing to put a little bit of craft clay at the end of the slider so that it stops where its supposed to. No biggie.

Power varies a lot with this beast with ambient room temperature (70F), seems to stabilize for about 5-10 seconds before shooting off to another power level thats 20mW higher or lower (depending on the battery level and temperature of the unit). When its first powered on from a good battery with 90-95% capacity, the power level starts off between 325mW and 425mW. With 90 second tests and 60 second rest time in between, the unit warms up slowly. Usually after the 3rd interval it has a power level of 400mW average. I actually had it peak at 571mW after the 4th interval! But that happened only once this week after 1 set of interval testing everyday.

Extremely satisfied with it, its not an RPL but it lives up to its rating and surely you get what you pay for at $690 ea.


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Jun 28, 2007
Short and sweet review! I like the review and it serves us well. I will rep you when the system allows me to rep you again as I had done so on the 12X thread. AMB! -Glenn