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Upgrade my 2009 MacBook Pro - new version


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Jan 2, 2008
I could never recommend an Apple PC to anyone. They may run smooth. If you have to replace some hardware, be prepared to lose an arm and/or leg. Someone recently brought in a MacBook that wouldn't boot. The drive was bad. Guess what, it has a proprietary drive. The customer actually paid the $480 plus labor to have it replaced. If you really want Apple, go for it.

Only Portables that are more proprietary drives are the brand new ones with flash storage. They are faster, but for the most part not changeable

Mid 2013 MacBook Pro and newer
2015 MacBook
2010 MacBook Air

Even then some have 3rd party upgrade options like Other World Computing

As for price - there is a LITTLE jump in price for the name, But most portable windows machines are built to bare bones.
Try comparing something on the same level, like an alienware or such, the price gets a lot closer.
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