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TUT how to convert scientech 365 from 115v to 230v input


Mar 31, 2013
Hi, recently bought a scientech 365 but i do not live in the US nor i use 115v for mains. In my country i use 230vac so i successfully converted the 115vac to 230vac. This tutorial is a really short and simple one for those who do not know how. Now the ophir is not available the next cheapest thing is this. I bought the meter and sensor for $50 and $38.95 shipped respectively. Might not be the cheapest but the sensor does not have a burn mark. :) Forward shipping from vpost is expensive and cost around SGD$56 :(


Step 1: Disassemble the whole thing till you have easy access to the transformer mounted at the back of the plate.

Step 2: Determine the live wire colour which is connected to the fuse. Mine is the brown wire. Check that the wire from the fuse to switch to transformer is brown.

Step 3: Take note of the original wiring, for default 115vac mine has the live wire(brown) on pin 3 and 4 and the neutral on pin 1 and 2. This pin marking is printed on the transformer itself. If yours has no marking just remember where it is. the transformer has 2 similar winding and are connected in parallel

Step 4: Unsolder the wire from pin 4 to 3 and pin 1 to 2. Solder the wire from pin 3 to 4 If yours does not have marking take a multi meter and measure the resistance to determine each end of the winding and connect them in series instead of parallel. Change the plug with your mains plug. I use the UK style 3 pin plug. MUST wire the ground wire !!! (green) continuity test for case to ground pin! Make sure the brown wire and blue does not touch the case. Test for resistance between the brown and blue and i have around 2XX ohm. I forgot the exact.

Step 5: Pull out the little plug that connect the transformer to the board. Power on. If it has no magic smoke coming out the transformer most likely you have success. Becareful when you power on. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING HIGH VOLTAGE!! (Fuse, Switch, Brown Blue wire)

Step 6: Plug it back in and power on. Display should light up and no magic smoke...

Step 7: Screw everything back and do the heater calibration and enjoy.

If you like, change the fuse from 0.5A to 0.25A. I didn't....

No pic as i have screw back in . Hope I help! AND nope i am not a certified electrician :)
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